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Love is Maddness

The silence is blissful
within my padded walls
till the voices start
i'm tormented once more,
crying whilst cradling
rocking back and forth
how am i here again
locked behind,the bolted door.

Blood on my lips
finger tips bitten
no time for crying
i spend my days spitting,
dry is my throat
even without flim
daily i spit out demonds
all for the love of him.

He who darkend my door
he who stepped into my shadow
he who did not walk away
he that stayed to follow,
demonds have held me back
but now love shall set me free
is he mad also
he,who is in love with me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012

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Comments (11)

I like the quote from George Carlin, "All the evil in the world, all the evil in the world is the result of what fathers do to their sons." There are some twisted souls out there who are more interested in the love of power instead of the power of love.teddybear peace
seems like it at timesroll eyes
Can you see now why I am so facinated with your
poems dear?
Thank you for sharing your words of healing wisdom with such truth & beauty... and if I may quote Samuel Beckett "All poetry is prayer" might be more appropriate.
southmiami4321online today!
When someone equals power with love, it is like a reversible chemical reaction. You really don't know how the balance will come forth. Knowing the meaning of love in a biblical matter will direct you to a happier ending.
And thank you TPD for the reminder why I gave up trying to write poems hug

Don't know what you mean but thanks for that southmiami just the same wine

Dear cafe sad flower
Deep and searching thoughts! Tormented soul with overwhelming grief I suspect! Jeez! Difficult reading indeed Miss!
No wonder you don't want anymore torture in your life.
AH! that bolted door...the far away door in the dark evasive...looks no more !!!
What gotten into you ?!?
I like the way
You dont talk with me
I like the way
You dont love me
I love the the way
I...damn ...

Are you still angry ?!?cool
"is he mad also he, who is in love with me"

That's a good question giving what I know about human beings. There's much, much more to love than just a measure of happiness. purple heart
30, Utah, USA ,

Because he has sent me a msg and has blocked me! !! He is a TIMID.

So the answer is:: yes NO COMPROMISE until LOVE happens. I love myself as you and every body loves him/herself, whats the deal man? ??tongue
Itchy Wow it is brilliant and says it all, I have been there , so many of us have and you put it in words that say it all the grief, the pain, the anguish. Well written x
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