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to love a mad man

not everyone can be saved, even them that you might love and sometimes we have to know that in order to save yourself....

24 1,006 Jul 7

My beautifull lover

inspired becos im sick of cutting my toe nails becos iv nothing better for doing.....

19 685 Apr 6

Christmas without you

A poem written/dedicated to my beautiful mother who saddly passed away on me last year on christmas eve,..with a thought also for the late great Simmo...

16 1,165 Dec 10

Leave me alone

the one time beautiful garden running wild over grown no matter night or day curtains constantly closed. window boxs hanging baskets full of weed...

7 682 Nov 16

Love is Maddness

The silence is blissful within my padded walls till the voices start i'm tormented once more, crying whilst cradling rocking back and forth how...

3 519 Nov 16

Kindness in death

day has ended night has fallen ears dont listen when sleep is calling. tired unwilling upstairs i stroll tears will fall eyes won't close....

8 694 Nov 7

Untill we meet again

For those i love.... and those who love me. I could not say goodbye to you reasons why i slipped away, i hung on untill my favourite time the e...

1 532 Sep 8

My father's rose

You came over the hill on this date to you i made a vow, and my heart is breaking remembering now, how i promised to love you forever know i mean...

14 670 Jun 25

my gypsy soul

gathered one behind one they came in a herd throughout the village wagon wheels heard the clanging of pots the clinging of tin staring i was in...

23 888 Mar 17

Loves last moment

Eyes swelling becoming tearfull spilling over tear drops fall. Words failing mouths open unable to speak emotions choking. Hands tremble...

19 1,096 May 22

The killing of HOPE

some say breaking sad news is one of the hardest things to do..well tonight i found out just how hard it is when i had to tell my dad how sick mum rea...

12 559 May 19

Undying love

Know who you love and who you love..let them know!...

10 535 May 15

Living with the darkness

Mental illness...depression...

12 501 May 11


"WAIT" ... not yet give me a moment with him. God give me strength to walk by myself. If i fall...lift me from my knees give me a moment if yo...

13 593 May 11

Love me

Don't taste my lips unless it's my lips you are kissing don't pretend i am the one you are missing don't press them against mine then pull away w...

27 604 May 9

Home sweet home

In the night time he sleeps with lights on in daylight he sits in the shadow he spends most of his day wishing he was no longer living alone. In...

9 532 May 7

Stranger in the bed

Who is that lady laying there in your bed guess they have moved you to a new ward again. So frail so thin how fragile she seems can't help but w...

11 660 May 3

The thrill of the chase

in this poem is my personal veiw on relationships. love starts off with the things they do to get you, the way they chase you and once they think they...

18 1,371 May 2


He knows me not nor i know him yet he shovels my dirt to the surface dig's out whats within. My silent heartbreak my failures,my loss how does h...

12 618 May 2

Heaven on earth

dont know how to explain this poem really but i guess what im trying to say is, nothing but heaven is perfect, life is not yet we expect it to be so,...

4 506 Feb 16

crucify me do

I have done my share of falling down i have battled through the rough i found the strength inside me for i believed in the path i took. I have f...

9 693 Feb 14

wish i wasnt me

just because......

19 809 Apr 11

Hello ME

It speaks for itself.. or so i think....

11 648 Aug 14

Leave me alone

this poem i dont need to explain its meaning however just to say where i wrote where she doesnt tell and her tears are her own, i wrote that only beca...

10 757 Aug 6

tortured hearts

I love you who is unkind to me selfish one who has me not in his thoughts, feelings unwelcomed to man from heart against both, i fought. I lo...

16 722 May 18

Mirror cleaning

its in the title .. and i do so hate cleaning mirrors...

2 544 Mar 22

Valentine trimmings

today is the anniversary of one of my best friends love.. 4 years ago today he died suddenly and she still misses him soooo so very much, because she...

5 445 Feb 8

ahh fiddle me sticks

HAPPY NEW YEAR i'm sick of it to the teeth isnt the ending of a year sad or is that just me. fireworks going off people cheering in the street...

12 717 Jan 2

where's dad

last christmas an elderly man vanished, where to wasnt known till the snow thawed.. his death always pulled at my heart strings as to why no one looke...

2 529 Dec 30


shes returning home after many a years shes attending dads funeral shes controlling fears. as door opens slowly shes slapped with coldness in the...

10 751 Dec 27


love the one your with and when you look for love dont look to be ones everything because saddly, too quickly too easily you can become any of the two...

9 633 Dec 18

Not me

just a thought here really, when we can' we should never not help anyone cause someones life may depend on it, and who knows someday you might find yo...

11 632 Nov 1


stress and if only to have someone to share it with ..things might not seem so bad.. everyone that tells anyone all is going to be alright, likes to b...

5 511 Oct 28

i am not worth the ink in my pen

my poem is me feeling very fusterated, a very special lady i know is on her final hours and waiting for sleeping angels to waken and guide her home to...

9 610 Sep 24

Held by fear

facing up to reality' refusing to live in deniel anymore...... it may hurt but when not to becomes too painfull, then one must....

5 480 Sep 23

My life is a fairytale

me, just day dreaming of castles in the sky and prince charming dropping by :-)...

8 641 Sep 23

lanigans ball

this poem is inspired by none other then all them that are running or are not running, or are changing their minds in running for the presidency in my...

6 503 Sep 22

When the heart yerns

this poem is a result of me been bored so if you donr like it very much then blame my boredom more so then me :-(...

6 548 Sep 20

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

my message really in this poem is dont leave things too late to try and fix .. if anyone is someone to you, let them know it when it matters to them.....

5 547 Jun 29

Live's joke

think my poem speaks for itself however just to say if you find maybe some of my words kinda raw or harsh??? do excuse but i used deliberatly because...

11 574 Jun 29

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