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Hoarder Rant

That poop is a part of me
Don't be stealing my poo!
As far as the urine
Don't be takin my plastic bottle of piss!
That really pisses me off!
So maybe I have cat skeletons in my living room
Maybe to ya'll civilized folk
It stinks in my place
But after a couple hours you don't smell it no more
I don't have any money to hire a plumber
If I did then maybe I wouldn't have to do my business in a bucket
Back in the olden times they used a chamber pot
So in a historical sense
What I'm doing is just fine and dandy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Taped hoarders and watched it this morning. This poem is based on the woman and her condemned home. They had to wear breathers and hazmat suits to clean up the mess. She went to live with a relative after the show.

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I saw that funny poo...drinking rolling on the floor laughing
madtat29, thanks for the comment. Another show I found recently is extreme cheapskates, that show is funny too!rolling on the floor laughing
If you have ever known or cared about someone who is or was a hoarder you would find nothing really funny about it. Like any other addiction or illness it does not just effect the hoarder but the people in their lives who care about them. At one time there was one of the poets here who had a difficult time with this. I think she might still be here. Nice person. Lovely woman. I found the poem written well. But the comments saddened me. Maybe I misunderstood and you two fine young men would not find others misery funny surely. blues
It's not much different from has a deep-seated psychological factor attached to it...not something sufferers find easy to swim against with. I realise you saw this on a show ... so I can quite understand your sure if you were face to face with the person or in that might react differently... To your credit Macrad my friend.. you have definitely describe it very well... thumbs up wine bouquet
Happygolucky4u, thanks for your comment. I didn't mean to offend you. I too have delt with hoarders among my friends. I went to his great aunts after she died and found pathways everywhere and stuff piled as high as me or higher everywhere. The only rooms that were accessable were the kitchen and her bedroom, everything else was piled high with newpapers, cups, egg cartons, etc.doh shock
orientalkoru, thanks for your comment. I have a friend who is finally cleaning up his hoard. His job in the past was to clean up abondoned apartments and houses. Anything inside he could keep, and he did. I still have a Transformers movie he got from one of these kicked out tenants who couldn't pay their rent. I still play the mario bros. 2 game on my nintendo ds.teddybear santa waving
lovecanberealonline today!
Bloody hell I say, it is actually a form of anxiety/OCD I have a relative (who shall remain nameless) who is a hoarder, and I have had to live in this type of house (luckily a long time ago) I would rather live in a chicken coup, than in a hoarder's house....doh
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