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Waves Sing

Waves Sing

By Robert N. L. Browning

Thoughts flowers give bloom
Energy flows hearts beating
Shared bright inner light
Honoring space of hearing
Spirits spiral in flight
The distance clearing
Magnificent ocean at night
Sweet sounds appearing
The waves are coming in

Gems of time define
Clouds past out moving
Seedling roots intertwine
Growing deep meaning
Holding place reminds
Special gold feelings
Budding truths combine
The rhythm telling
The waves are cresting in

Breaking past holds transform
Lotus blossom petals reveal
Shadows fade bright sun
Truth powerfully real
Lovers welcome the dawn
Mind, spirit, body ideal
Letting the universe in
Shared creations unveil
The waves sing love

The waves are rolling in
The waves are rolling in
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
The rhythmic sound of waves coming into shore speak to me and even at times sing. They are also most romantic to share with someone special. In that space, relationship and spirituality can wonderfully blend into pure bliss, love and light in the now.

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