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"Riding high"

itchy gitchy goomy
the new car was quite roomy
had bucket seats and a shifter of chrome
electric window and leather that smelled of loam

a cheerleaders changing booth
a cooler full of gin and vermouth
ashtrays full of trojans and cigarette butts
very fast...sit down, shut up and lean back, with a firm hold on the nuts

a pontiac bonneville with a top that was convertible
no seat belts, the slightest crash would have surely killed us all
but gas was cheap and the girls were adorable
in those days even the best of car was easily affordable
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
a blast from the past...circa late 60's

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Comments (2)

trurorobonline today!
men and their cars! well versed
Fond nostalgic memories of
a simpler time. It was nice.applause thumbs up angel cool grin
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by Unknown
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