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"chewing gum"

“chewing gum”

larry went down to the liquor store,
he wanted gum, nothing more.
but when he got there he couldn’t get in,
the door was blocked with tender tan skin.

I’m just lookin’ for gum, he said, nothin’ more.
she quickly slid her high heeled size 7 up the jamb of the door.
by this time her knee was up near his nose.
he noticed she wasn’t wearing any hose.

his eyes finally made it up to look at her face,
that made him forget those panties of lace.
she begged his forgiveness, just needed a light.
sure, maybe could I see you later tonight?

they went wild in the library looking up old facts,
and reading about elvis slicing melons with an axe.
later they played miniature golf, the one one where,
you try to slip your ball through the crotch of the bear.

in between
they ate lightly steamed oysters and fresh seaweed.

as the moon rose over the highway leaving town,
larry carefully slipped the convertible’s top down.
it was quite a coup for cruisin’ with ice in the trunk,
until the right front radial crushed the lazy skunk.

they washed the smell from their clothes, naked in the pond by the mill,
and gave the neighbors something to talk about still.
on the way home they vowed to each other they’d do it again real soon.
at the mini mart he bought her strawberry ice cream and a spoon.

he also

picked up that gum he was looking for and a lighter for the girl.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010

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trurorobonline now!
great way with words
lonnie2 - fun read...thanks for sharingcool
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