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Death of my Fiance

The pendulum swings.......
both ways....equally as far.

And so the heights my heart once knew,
now too,
must know it’s sorrows.

And though I hold no fault
with its ensuing arc

I wish that I could alter
the stubbornness,
of my heart.

The vastness of one’s solitude
the depth of one’s void

can only be judged....
by the comparison

that I have come
to learn.

Pain is a longing
that can never be fulfilled
torment is wanting
and knowing it never will

is like a reaching
to nowhere.
Like grasping empty space..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010

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Comments (2)

Your sorrow i obvious by your
unique and heartfelt phrases.
My sympathy. Time heals all wounds.angel angel comfort angel
Kinderling - your poem is full of heartfelt emotion. My condolences on your loss...sad flower
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