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To cuddle or not to cuddle Prt 1 (short story)

The tv is turned on a low volume on a peaceful evening night, and as channels are being flipped through, a romantic comedy just happens to be on.
"you wanna watch this?" I ask,not telling you, that I myself would very much like to watch it.
A shrug of the shoulders you make, and say, "this is fine."
the movie is only about 3 mins into it. we start to watch it.
A commerical comes...and we both look at each other,like we both hate commericals. I get up from my seat,and you ask "where are you going?"
I say, "I'll be right back."
I come back into the living room, and see the sparker in your eyes, as you see me with a few pillows and a blanket.
There is no need of asking what I am doing, cause you are in the mood to cuddle as well.we lay the pillows on the couch and adjust the blanket as we lay on the couch togetherholding each other tightly in our arms as the romantic comedy comes back on.
It is now, half way through the movie and we are very comfy laying together in a romantic state.You start to move and I ask"where you are going?""To the bathroom." you say.I grab you tight and tell you, "NO, you cant leave me."as a slight devious laugh comes from my mouth.You slap me on the leg and say,"let me up or I will pee on you? ha"so I sigh and let you up...
You come back, and I open up the blanket and invite you back on the couch.
You plop back down on the couch and we readjust to get back in our comfy postion.It comes to 3/4s in to the movie. its starting to get romantic and passionate. a few aaawwwsss, excape both our lips as we start to see the couple in the movie fall in love.
I stroke my hand through your hair, smell your hair and kiss your head asI whisper "I love you." You give me no response, just your slow breathing.
we reach the end of the movie, where we finally get to see the couple admit their love,before its too late, and then they get together, with a loving kiss at the end.
The movie is over and your'e not moving. i slowly turn my head and see that you have falling asleep in my arms.Questions are running through my head now. Should I just stay here with her, in this comfy cuddle, or should I wake her and we can snuggle in bed..................and that is where I am going to have to stop.....UNTIL PART 2... EMAIL OR COMMENT ASKING FOR MORE.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This is just a poem/short story that I just couldn't keep my mind away from. I just starting typing and the words just started to pour out. enjoy

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