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We Must Know

Sometimes we end up in a place that is neither here nor there
A place filled with emptiness sorrow or despair
A moment in time and space that we do not quite understand
When those times occur, we may fall wherever we stand
Nevertheless, we must know that for every heart filled agonizing tear that we cry
For every moment that we think, there is no way we will make it, no matter what we try
For the times we lay regretting and longing to retract the decision we have made in the past
Believing that then and only then, would these troubling moments seize to last
In those moments we must not give up; we must have faith and try to understand
That even in despair,our prayers are heard, we haven't been forgotten, God has a plan
We must hold our heads high, and let the tears fall where they may
For blessed are the righteous we too shall have our day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (4)

Heartfelt, encouraging...
Thank you!
trurorobonline today!
I have no ability to pray, but I understand your message.
I am somewhat curious as to why you have no ability to pray, but I know that is not my business and I am sure you have your reasons.
However, I am glad that you understood my message and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my poetry.

Thank You Trurobvery happy
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