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Gold mask
The face time forgot
Mummfied for all time
He hide beind the mask

The chosen rah
Temples built drawings dominate
For his story be told For the spinx
The son of rah

Pyrimids dominate
Isis prist reign
Worship the born king
Death await

He lines his own tomb
Buried his tomb of
Gold for his journy to the after life
His life paid in gold
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2014

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Comments (2)

Awesome... his life paid in gold.

Is this referring to King Tutankhamen?(don't know for sure how to spell it & my history knowledge isn't great, but my mom is fascinated by Egyptian things - we saw the King Tut exhibit when I was a teen - lot of gold there.)

Yes cat this poem is based on the boy kingxxx wayne
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