Four bowed heads said it all.

In hastily-bought suits and puffy eyelids.
Their young dreams shattered and torn.

Mid-term break fun destroyed by three words.

Olan is dead.

That can't be true, I was with him last night

Words said defiantly, but with dread in the eye.

Facebook page filled with sweet messages, tears, love.

Now in red-rimmed prayer, unbelieving yet knowing

Nineteen is just too young.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015
About this poem:
I wrote this having just been to the funeral of a young man.
He was in first year of college, working a part-time job during mid-term, and was killed in an accident there.
The church was filled to capacity,but it was four young men near the coffin caught my eye, in their silent anguish.

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lindsyjonesonline today!
Very sad Molly. But you captured the pain so greatly in these words.

My condolence to a passing of such a young man. My cousin had an accident at 21 last year, hit by a drunk driver and until now, my relatives left his room as it was the last time he was there and the Christmas tree he set up few days before he died still stands where it is. Very sad.sad flower
lindsyjonesonline today!
That should have been my cousin's grand son.sad flower
Very nicely written Molly.. sorry for the loss.. 19 is definitely a very young age to pass on..

My son is 18.. I can't even imagine what Olan's parents would have gone through.. its simply dreadful to even contemplate..
I am at grief that all had to lay this boy at rest.
I watched my son at the saddest point when his best friend died suddenly.

Yet he strode to cry.
I am so sorry for the loss, as I was when my sons best friend, died.

And luke
godsprincessonline today!
It is shocking at that age to come to realize your mortality through the loss of someone your own age. Life changing moment. Thanks for sharing - I'm a little late in reading but there are so many poems on here from before I started coming on here - too many.

Kathy sad flower
Very sad molly ,
Well written and very emotional hug
short poem Molly but telling a full sad story teddybear
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