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Broken pieces

Long ago
I Fell In love with you
Never did I think
You would leave me
My heart is bruised and broken
Everyone says get over you
And Move on
I've tried
these tired feet don't want to walk the street
My hands hurt from praying
My hearts broken
My mind has never been the same
I've tried to recreate our love
It will never be
You're gone forever
God please help me
pick up these broken pieces
And Put my life back together
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015

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godsprincessonline today!
Laura dear there is no limited time on grieving a loss. People who have never lost the most important person in their life are able to understand this. Once it happens to them (unfortunately) - only then do they realize and understand. Please know that every time you post a post of loss, I feel your pain as I too have lost the most important person in my life 7 years ago - my Mom. As I never married, I do not know what it is like to lose a spouse, but the pain is basically the same. Take care friend. teddybear

Kathy sad flower angel2
It took me thirty years to "recover" from my first love Laura.
My heart was so hurt, I had a pain in my chest that lasted three days. I decided to build a wall around it. I was only eighteen.
It has coloured my view ever since, of forming deep meaningful relationships, and held me back from so much potential love.
Please try to let go.comfort hug sad flower
Too often we grieve for what could of been, and sadly we miss out on what could be.
A touching write.
Take care.
Elle. X
Dearest Kathy thank you for the lovely comment . I thought the pain of loosing my mother was bad. I can't compare this kind of pain I feel for Tom to my mother . Tom was my Rock ,my best friend ,my first love . I want to move on I just keep hitting this brick wall :-( teddybear hug
Jeanie I'm sorry for your loss. Believe me when I say I don't want to live with a dead man. I want to let him go and move forward in life it's just so very hard for men. I think I'm broken ..teddybear bouquet
Your absolutely correct when you say I'm missing out a the good things .im working hard at letting him gon.inthank you for your heartfelt comment wine hug
Travis I'm glad you liked the new picture. I'm trying to hang in there I know things will get easier as soon as I let him go .hug hug heart wings
Ah Abby your heart is in this poemhug imagine the broken pieces as a jigsaw and slowly do the picture of what you want from your life.teddybear teddybear
Laura, my loyal friend.
Stands in my corner
until the end.
Claws out, teeth bared.
Its' OK, let her be.
She only shamed herself
you see....handshake hug cheers yay
Red thank you for your lovely words I shall take your advise and try to put the pieces of the puzzle back together bouquet hug

Some people mouth the words
but feel no pain

You expressed the pain with
beautiful heartfelt words of the poet

I join the people that care for you
It's a bumpy road but move on with
your head held high as your Connecting
Singles friends have encouraged you to do!

Heartfelt poetry ~ very good!
beautifully painted laura deep excellent pen dear friend wishing you a blessed evening pal angel
Please drop in to see me sometime on
I'll be there as Jeaniemac. wave crying sad flower blues
Jim thank you so much for your warm words of encouragement Very kind of you hug
Liam thank you so much for your lovely comment hug I hope all is well on your end hug
Jeanie I hope your happy on poetry soup . Sad to see you go so soon .i hope you decide to come back ! Don't Let Anyone Chase You Away teddybear teddybear heart wings heart wings bouquet
Thank you Laura.
My character has been attacked.
The fact is, every single one of us has one.
But, as with the menopause, it is somehow taboo to mention it.
There is no joy here for me.
I won't be back.
All the best.
Perhaps if you were not feeling such intense pain, we would not be privy to your beautiful heartfelt words.
Jimmie thank you for your lovely words they are great fully appreciated hug hug
glue will put these pieces together but takes time to heal the damage nice poem Abby
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