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by kle76amNew York, USAApr 78 comments

Miss I'm Impossible

I rise at six; say a prayer, check my phone,
Go to the kitchen for my fifteen minutes alone,
Drink my first cup of coffee and practice my smile
And pray for the strength to act docile.
"In the children's presence at least dear Father."
Spine straight, head up and smile on Heather.

Eight-thirty I walk through office doors head held high.
Smile in place, game face on and fighting the urge to sigh.
Appropriate greetings, smile, smile and wave.
Trisha, Andy, Mike, Samantha and even that creep Dave.
" Just another day, another act for the almighty dollar."
Man does Amy ever breaks her collar.

Five I shut my computer down and grab my pocket book.
Home I go to prepare dinner; good wives always cook.
A smile on my face I greet the kids and listen to their tales.
He got an A and she got homework about blue whales.
"Please make him be late, dear God I will take any excuse today."
His car is driving up I noted with dismay.

Ten the house is quiet finally but i can't mistake that for peace.
That I will get when mine, his or both heartbeat cease.
Matrimonial duties are the worse these days.
I avoid them in some unconventional ways.
"Forgive me Father for I am about to sin."
My headache will hit as soon as he walks in.

Tomorrow is a new start or that is what I was taught.
Will I get a new start out of this web in which I'm caught.
I hope so was my last thought before sleep came.
My last feeling though was on of intense shame.
"Father forgive me for I have sinned once more."
I moaned loud and hard as he opens the door.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 7
About this poem:
Just thought fluttering around in my head.

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Comments (8)

You got me inspired again ....lols
Thank you teddybear
As an incredibly righteous woman that seemingly struggles between what was taught conflicting with the warranted feelings on display here, I applaud this effort, and am in full accordance with what Danesh has so selflessly written on behalf of his belief in you. The title is graded A+. thumbs up
LaFondaonline today!
Nice read.

All the best to you.

Now I realize that being single is not so bad. wave
Hi, kle76am,
And pray for the strength to act docile.
"In the children's presence at least dear Father."

The poem does not convey exactly what problem exists between husband and wife. From the mother’s responses, the children will learn their lessons each passing day. Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, she will cease to act docile and makes her way out of this web in which I'm caught. Thanks for sharing these provocative thoughts that were fluttering around in your head that made my heart break for this family.
Hey Morgan I think we all inspire each other here. Thanks for stopping by dear always appreciate.
Candykid i like your take on it. I thought she was a woman struggling to find spiritually despite all her struggles.
As always thanks for stopping by much appreciated.
Lafonda the grass always look greener on the other side. Life is what you make of it regardless of your status.
Thanks for stopping by.
Gnj4u I am best at sad its true but sometimes I see the sad even over the pretenses.
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