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yachtsman_7online today!
by yachtsman_7Dublin, IrelandMay 119 comments


step into the make believe
footfalling into stones
where memories are citadels
wider than truth
her bones

I never knew the right words
you stole them with your smile
pirouetting effortlessly
some Parisian mile

the timbre of a meadowlark
pillowed under star
looking out for last call
in some forgotten bar

it rises in my dark thought
when my soul is out of tune
your ghost is like my memory
your voice is like the moon

I tried to find you in others
I can't do that anymore
I couldnt find the answers
this side.. of.. the shore
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 11

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Comments (9)

godsprincessonline today!
Very poignant - sad and sweet poem.

Kathy sad flower
salamunaonline today!
Hi Ru!Loved it a are still in my top5 ))) thank you.Lily wave
yachtsman_7online today!
Thank you Kathy,

I appreciate it.
(take good care)

yachtsman_7online today!
God Lilly,

Only 5?!
(I need to get my act together!!)

mind yourself over there

salamunaonline today!
Ru, i just wanted to say there are just a few real poets are one of them.)) I always enjoy all your ballades. Keep writing Lily
Deeply poignant work, Ru. heart wings
So sad ~ So beautifully written.

southmiami4321online today!
Poignant memories revealed with the right words felt. Enjoyed. SMwave
This one rides along really well, must have been some woman.
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