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could a woman love the light
could she'd gladly lease each part
could the angel of our darkness
make a mooring in her heart

could a human heart beat answers
so each vein would never cease
could a good soul stalk it's death
so all death would know no peace

could she tame satanic iron
could she make it turn to rust
could she break him with her subtitles
could she torture him with lust

when time has all but ended
could she be the holy hour
could God who is all knowing
fail to calibrate her power

could a raven haired messiah
all but split the finest line
could every ledger nature fashions
be un-balanced by design

alas his plans revealed
as an architect's unfurl
in a bar inside your soul
sits the devil and the girl
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 10

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Comments (4)

A dark one for sure Ru,
But brightened by lovely rhythm and rhymes.
Great stuff.

Regards Mick.

good poem Ru. a lot of questions ... are you desperate to find answers ?. I think there is always a balance of good and evil in the world ... so everything is possible ...stay well. Lilywave
godsprincessonline today!
We are all human and sin. Temptation haunts us all - that is why God developed repentance and forgiveness for us through Jesus even unto our last breath.

Great write of temptation by the Devil and his temptress - unless as usual I'm reading it wrong - but that is what I get out of it.

La_Femme_en_Bleuonline today!
Love can be so obscure, or maybe it's our perception that is vague. confused blushing
Intriguing write, Yachtsman. thumbs up wine
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