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I Am

I am the lighting forking beneath the dark grey clouds

The rays of sun shinning forth through the haze

The strong wind pushing against your face and body

Bending the trees

Swirling the brown and yellow leaves 

That once lay there insignificant 

I am the full moon

That swirls the waters

Of your blood through your veins

The rainbow shooting through your spine

Releasing colours through your being

Awaking you from your slumber

I am mother earth in all her glory

Rocks and mountains

Crystals and minerals

Life and energy

I am a spark from the universe

Sometimes you catch it in my eyes

You feel it emanating from my body

I will share with you what I have

But you cannot take it

Do not try to destroy me 

Because you want it for yourself

You will lose me forever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2020
About this poem:
About this poem:This poem was written after I was laying face down in my pillow sobbing 
I felt a warm hand on my shoulder 
Yet nobody was there in the room with me
The presence of the comforting hand enabled me to spring to my feet and write this poem
I felt strongly that this presence was God and came to help me free myself and my children from cohesive abuse...
Reflecting on The poem has helped me throughout my life to remember who I am in God...

I found this poem to be very powerful when recited live on stage for performance poetry

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Words of so much hidden depth of feeling that you know there is more in not what has been said yet you can feel you want to know more by what has been said x
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