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Surrender Faults

Surrender to all my Faults

Life is like a jungle
You just never know who you'll meet
I'm.a lier a murder and a cheat
I wonder what people will think

I.murdered little children
With tiny little feet
I.dont ask for your pardon
Just to.listen for their
Just to.listen before you speak
I was sick in the head
Sure I couldn't speak

They would have being a blessing at anyone feet
Tiny.little babies
With no.voice because of this creep
I have no words to describe what.its like.on.the.operating table
Because speaks
Just plenty of tears after
The heart beat has stopped beating tummy with there tiny.little feet.

No words can.ever describe the guilt that I carry until.i expire from.this jungle
Beneath my feet
tiny.litlle feet have stopped dancing
Because of my decision
To abort before I could sleep

No human.can.judge me
Only himself,so he told me
Before I could sleep
I have sinned against humanity so forgive me please to help me ease
And get me feet

I'll remember the day i made my decision I was full.of relief
But it's only in the after
That i knew i.did wrong.
So when.i.expire from.this jungle we
Just thing
God is great.

I'll sit here a while
Just so
I feel that I have surrender ed all my.hurt and guilt
I'll sit here a while to.feel that I will.never be complete
So take some advise
Cherish life because it's the only one
We've got.

There are truly remarkable people in this jungle we
So.hush don't cry
Your baby too is in the sky
Waiting reunited
With.their loved ones who.made a huge mistake

The end
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 16

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