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Beloved of my dreams

Beloved of my dreams
Your love fills the streams
that flow from your channel like honey and cream

Thy fullness and ripeness of
your fruit that glistens of the morning dew
Tis' the season of spring where bluebirds sing

Your scent fills my every breath
I shudder within, pondering your essence
For it reminds me of your truth of your presence

Fair maiden of spring where do I begin to measure your beauty while flowers dance
in a ring
that you may know you are blessed by heaven where angels sing

With a tender kiss of your warmth butterflies dance to their freedom you give
to remind them their reason to live

Your love drips a sticky flow within your petals as your nectar feeds life to hungry bees
As they shake the fragrant dust like fairies to ensure all is fed with the rhythm of the breeze

How I long awaited from the cold of the snow to see you again watching your love grow

I long for your smell and crave your taste yea I know you come not in haste but, in patience to not allow anything to go to waste

For when the spring rain showers its light
The heavens declare when the timing is right

For all who wait for the kingdom come as the prince of peace brings healing to the earth with a gentle embrace
perhaps we all shall meet our beloved face to face
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 25
About this poem:
In honor of spring and the hope of good things to come for all

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nicely done Prometheus. spring for me is always the " reason to live". thanks for sharing. Lily wave
Hi Prometheus1 wave
I enjoyed the fullness & ripeness of your spring write.. Nicely done! thumbs up
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