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Little Serena

Born 15 years ago,
Premature - palm sized,
You struggled to grow.

God gave you great parents,
Who never abandoned you,
They fed you tirelessly,
Although you could not swallow.

Now you watch in silence,
No words are said,
You just make sounds,
Unintelligible to the human head.

Not that you are stupid,
Not that you have no feelings,
Just you, Serena, watching,
Watching everyone, some wicked.

I suppose God sent you here for a purpose,
You must be a lesson we should all learn,
You persevere no matter what,
When we all give up so soon here.

Serena, Baby Serena,
You shall remain a baby forever.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2009
About this poem:
This poem is dedicated to my niece who has down syndrome. When I heard of the premature delivery, I lost my way to the hospital. I was obviously upset. And now, just plain sad.

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Mercy, I am so sorry. I know you have such a gentle, kind heart and I can feel your pain. I know that your family must be struggling with all of this. Remember one thing, that you already know, God never makes mistakes! She will grow, she will smile, surprise you, make you laugh, amaze you, give you more hope than you can even imagine now, but it is true. She is a gift. Children are blessings from above. She is just an extra special blessing. It will take some time to heal, adjust and accept everything, but in time things will get better. I will keep you, your family and little Serena in my prayers. Take care of yourself. God Bless You. Peace and Hugs!
Thank you Courage. I know you have been through a lot just to be able to comfort me this way.
Think you for everything you have said to me.Good bless you too.
My name is Serena thats what drew me to your poem. And tears I cryed as I read what you wrote. I shall pray for this child who carries my name and hope that she is gifted by god to live life as long and longer then mine. May God grace her with many blessings for all that she has indured so early in life. Baby Serena once was I hold on to lifes little wanders. And let my stength flow thru you.
Dear Haier,

Thank you for the comments. You have been very generous with your prayers. I read your profile, and I hope that you too will live a good life, and find someone who does not break your heart.

Best wishes
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