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Your Calls

I got you a line,
Cause I need to know,
What happened today?
For I not know.

My legs don't take me,
To places, to go,
So you ought to tell me,
What I need to know.

That funny feeling,
When I know you're going to ring,
That funny feeling,
Yes! And you called.

Lonely, waiting,
Patiently staying,
Hoping you would call.

Once on line,
We chat nonstop,
Time flies,
No cares, no stop.

Gossip some say,
Perhaps it is!
But when our two minds work,
In-depth it is.

Analyse we,
Happenings of the day,
Amuse at times,
Puzzled are we.

Sadness we share,
Joy we receive,
Goodness we give,
Glad to be friends.

At times you switch off,
A break is needed,
To rest the mind,
The soul and all.

If we should stop,
We know we would miss,
A never ending conversation,
That's forever bliss.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2009

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Comments (3)

Mercy, you have such a kind heart and beautiful soul. It would be so like you to be a good friend of understanding to write so kind of another. This was a sweet, loving poem. I enjoyed. Good to see you back here. Take care. Hug Serena. God Bless. Peace and Hugs!
Dear Courage,

You too are a kind soul being generous and very motivating in your comments. I have just started writing poems online. For many years I wrote poems in bits of papers and left it everywhere. Now that this website has a poetry column, I spontaneously write whatever I feel. Courage, your poems are very good. Keep them coming. I shall put up my comments some time later. Am very busy with work now. Love and hugs to you always.teddybear
my dear you are a poet! and i never knew and you didnt say anything at all. i love this one so much its so true..thank you Mercy for the pleasure you have given me today....bless you love scherie
teddybear thumbs up hug
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