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Where, oh where?

Thought that I would quit this site,
But found these poems, to my delight,
I sit here watching minutes pass,
Trying to find that perfect lass.

I know shes out there, maybe here?
Have you seen my profile, my Dear?
Am I desperate? Not at all,
I just want to hear her call.

Many ladies, lovely, bright,
Watch the stars in dark of night.
Millions out there, souls rejoice!
Listen for that pretty voice.

How do I describe THE ONE?
Witty, pretty, lots of fun.
She has a mind and does not curse,
She loves the Lord, the Universe.

I'm not afraid to be unique,
I'm patient in the one I seek,
knowing that the time is near,
when Juliet is who I hear.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
I'm sitting at the library, poring over this website. I look at "Who's Viewed Me", and "Who Liked My Picture". I ask myself, "Is this how the rest of the singles in the world spend their Saturday afternoons?" I love to write poems off the cuff. This is my first semi-romantic poem. If anybody out there has a (clean) FUNNY POEM request, lay it on me. Or if my Juliet has a romantic request, grab the Kleenex:)

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Comments (3)

I loved it, its witty and made me laugh. You will always find a welcome on poets corner, dont know about the Juliet bit, but with your poems I am sure you will make a catch.handshake
welcome justeric! a wonderful jaunt into C.S. land!
welcome to the corner justeric! and what a great contribution...looking forward to reading more!!teddybear
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