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Bury Me

Bury Me
by me
jimmy v

if this is the path i choose,
if this is the road i take,
if these are the mistakes i make,
just let me make them.
let me fall,
let me cry,
let it hurt till i wish to die.
then, let me learn...
let me see through my own eyes,
let me bleed it out for a while,
let me fight with denial,
just let me live.
i need space,
i need air,
just please stay back there.
but, watch me live...
don't make me you,
don't force it through,
don't feed me the same shit life fed you,
please let me go.
let me walk,
watch me fly,
if it is then let me live the lie.
then, watch me die...
remember the person,
remember the fun,
remember the days till the last one is done.
don't morn me,
be happy for me,
be proud of me,
don't ever shed a tear for me.
then... bury me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010

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Comments (4)

Would prefer to give a help in hand ,but, if you insist.
thank you this poem is not to be morbid or sad it is ment to convey the same need that everyone feels the need to be free. free to be what ever we please, i think its good to guide but i spent my whole life being told how to live and who i was suppose to be, it sucks. but thank you, you are a very kind person to help a complete stranger. lol applause
happybuggz: i get it and can appreciate your desire toward freedom. Carol is right, the freedom we seek is the freedom to allow each other in. good write, thanks.
thank you, i very much like your work so to hear that mine is good from you is awesome thank you.applause
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