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Memories like Autumn

From the branches of the trees of time,
the gnarled keepers of the past.
That hold the painful,
and the ecstatic,
the relevant and mysterious.

Each leaf a little light of age forgotten.
Flickering images of solid ago.
Of Deja vu
of secret past,
Of salient meaning.

Some prefer or tend,
to simply walk,
through the rug of leaves.
Dropped at random or design.
Others imagine their source.
And recreate the tree from which they fell.

the recollection's like a flood,
from above.
Some to run from,
some to see,
the memories falling,
like autumn leaves,
forming the carpet,
upon which we stroll through lives.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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Comments (12)

This made my eyes open wide. Stunning write, amazing imagery. Memories do not exist as what they hold is 'gone', yet they hold on to the illusion so strongly they are very hard to get rid of. I am really battling with them at the moment,almost if you let go of them, there will be some kind of a scary 'gap', which is nonsense.
Your writing is coming on sure and strong, I look forward to more.

CJthanks typing lightbulb
Hi, galaxy15,
Wow! Your poem is full of such beautiful leaves! It is certainly a poem to remember and reflect upon while sitting beside the trees of time, the gnarled keepers of the past.
Galaxy, you've got a home run here. gentle, insitefull, reversingly (ok I made that word up) visual. All the leaves rise to their branches. Great! ;-)
Thank You CJ
Thats the thing - they're never gone are they? they just affect us differently once we realise they can't be turned back into green leaves.

Ta gnj4u

...and some people hear voices in the rustling...

Cheers agoodguy2have

I love making words up too!

appreciated comment...wave

"the memories falling, like autumn leaves"...........ah how blissful it is my love to jump into your pile of autumn leaves........mine has a few hedgehogs living in itlaughlaugh

Beautiful poem of memories being compared to Autumn leaves.thumbs up handshake
reminds me of the 400 year old ash tree, down the hill, the tree of knowledge, a funery tree, coffins were placed beside it, on the way to graveyards, in recognition of its age and knowledge, sparked the memories galaxy, nicely written.
I will wear my full armor when jumping into Your pile of leaves my Tinypixie!

We must roll in each others' leaves my Tinypixie.

lips lips lips lips
G4TP teddybear
With pleasure my love....teddybear


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