@ am...where is the next massacre your Imam's teachings drives you to hit next? scold

RE: Water, I have a drip.

I must compliment you for your way of thinking...your friends and the environment must be very lucky! thumbs up

RE: Do you know of any different ways to cope with dep

buy yourself a holiday yay


AAA-CHooo...sry. dunno

RE: Just found a pair of his socks and a shirt

well you can always make a nice cup of soup especially with the socks blues

RE: Deaf Dog

who said...anyway than help him enjoy his world and not yours.popcorn

RE: Deaf Dog

a hearing aid might do the trick laugh

RE: lovely eyes

let me see...laugh

RE: Let's talk money...

as long as your partner have some sort of income, I don't see any reason not to contribute according to her income.

RE: The Prayer of Jesus (Part 4)

very matured and open minded conversation....well done both!

RE: Gullible

Whatever the truth is in this particular case, taking another life is inhuman. Does a person that commits intentional or even been implicated in a crime against the society, that is for the Local Law Courts to determine, deserves to serve his/hers sentence in a rehabilitation centre instead of ending another life which might also by time results as innocent. Is our justice infallible?

RE: I against explosions

a case of seeing a straw in other's eyes when you have a beam in your own....thumbs up

RE: Wait In a Line?!

popcorn popcorn

RE: Forgiveness

maybe you need to reflect what's to make do this so called mistake you are talking about!

iotaoo....laugh thumbs up

RE: What is your opinion?

you think he deserves what he gets?...who does? frustrated


who knows...maybe he is enjoying having dinner with Barack and David. buddies

RE: Simple people...

@ minnie50...thank you for such a lovely blog!

RE: Self Defense or Murder?

were these kids armed and was it necessarily to eliminate both?


go for it than leah...wishing you the best of luck wine

RE: From A to Z

easy said than long as you're living in the real world!! dunno

No makeup selfie!

@Angel..TenderB..Leah..Wallops..and Outside

Your input is very much appreciated...thank you lovely ladies.

Enjoy yourselves. bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet

RE: ???????


Spring is in the air!

platosha....can I have my heart back now please? dunno

Spring is in the air!

loulou...I deserve a 'No Bell' prize than do I. laugh

Spring is in the air!

Bajan .... you're welcome....have a nice day yourself. wave

Spring is in the air!


It's all about the child.

Ed...expressing once thoughts is not in anyway judgemental, may there be much more of you people with a free tongue and support other's interest especially children's, may your wish for them come true. beer


calm down women before you come to any conclusion, that you might regret later wink

It's all about the child.

Aisha....Can wrong doing correct another wrong doing !, but I'm glad for your concern for these as you described them abandoned kids wine

It's all about the child.

Milstinz...I tend to agree but let's not make pressure on GOD regarding his judgements grin if there would be any after all handshake

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