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RE: Players Beware You Are On Dodgy Ground!

Sadly yes these parasites do exist and they are pathetic...but in the end will make you appreciate real love when you find it...I don't know what makes someone do these things...BUT it's sick to get your thrills off of hurting others for sure...and I'm sure the payback comes when some day they want real love...but it doesn't want them...wave hug kiss hug heart beating

RE: The truth

No believing in a lie...still does not make it the truth....thumbs up

RE: forgive or revenge

No he's the one that's worthless and the best thing you can do is be glad that he's out of your life...forgive but do it for you and let it you can be free of him for anger...nothing at all...he'll just be a nothing to you who raises no feelings or emotions in you anymore....move on and live the best life you can because karma always deals with people like that in the end darlin!!!!!!

Best of luck to you in finding a man who will love and appreciate you just as you are!!!!!!

hug hug hug

RE: Well pffft!

Yeah...if they want to sell it that bad...and have had no offers likely because of it's condition...then they'll accept...if not oh well...It was probably more trouble than it was worth....The new grandbaby pics are gorgeous by the way.....hug hug wink

RE: What happened...

Yes I have...I just simply can't be bothered with it anymore....I find it's more trouble than it's worth when the shit starts to hit the fan....and it always seems too in one form or another...I'm content to only have to worry about my shit and not someone elses!!!!!!!!!


RE: the soul of this website

I agree...Love like that doesn't come along often enough to just let it go....Life is full of ups and downs and so are relationships...You can work through the obstacles together...You may not have the life you planned...but there is nothing stopping you from making new plans for a new and different life together....

hug hug yay

Good Luck....cheers

RE: you all think you have it bad

She is using you as a convenience to have someplace to stay until she decides to return to him...Why??? Because you're letting her...Let her be on her merry way...You're much better off...Is it worth it to you to have her there only to not be loved and respected in return????

Love is a 2 way street...not a one way!!!!!!!!!


RE: I have to get this off my chest,

You know what you need to do honey...Get your shit together....Get strong and do it....There isn't any sense in lving in the past and how things were...You have forgiven and that's the main thing because forgiveness is for us and not the other person...The hows and whys are no longer important...One quote I really like is this because it's true...

"You can never go back and change the past...but you can start from today and change the future"

Luv Ya g/f...hug hug kiss

RE: The Secret of True love

Love this...great description and totally true....hug hug

RE: Stupidest Day of the year.

Guess what...I'm 40 and haven't gotten a card or a flower or flowers either from anyone special on Valentines Day...I chalk it up to choosing the wrong men...which should be a wake up call to you too darlin!!!!!!!

hug hug gift

RE: Isn't Love Unkind?

Sorry to hear that sweetheart...BUT let me tell doesn't
get any kinder just cause you get older...there are always gonna be a**hole in the world...we women just have to get better at avoiding them!!!!!!!!

hug kiss hug

RE: My own demise.

Enlightenment comes when you know who you are...accept that you have flaws and can love yourself...No book can do it for you....

hug hug

RE: My own demise.

Well I'll tell ya right will never find enlightenment without emotions...You have to feel and experience pain and work through it before you can even be close to enlightenment...Pain doesn't ever go just hides and rears it's ugly head in ugly ways until it is dealt with and worked through...NOT just worked through in your head...BUT in your heart as well by feeling what needs to be felt...all the emotions that surround the pain...and then and only then can you let it go!!!!!!!!

hug hug

RE: The Birth, Brief Life and Eternity of Love cont...

OMG!!!!!!!!! Darlin...this was such a loving and inspiring story and I can imagine how hard it was for you to write...BUT it was a terrific story of how love can and does exist...Kudos for your bravery in being able to recount such painful memories...I have faith that you will find love again...Now that you are ready....hug hug kiss

RE: It's really disgusting ...........

Well the adage of the man having a mid-life crisis and having to have some young babe hanging off his arm has been around a heck of alot longer than women dating younger men!!!!!!!!

HMMMMMMMMMMM...Seems to me that's where the double standard is!!!!!!!!

dunno confused

As for being an old divorcee with a saggy but...UMMMMMM I was divorced at 27 and might have a bit of sag there at 40...BUT don't we all...HMMMMMMMMMM...I sense some envy or maybe even jealousy now that it is totally acceptable for women to date younger men!!!!!!!!

To each his own..and yes I do date a younger man...BUT he is older than my 16 year old son...Oh yeah if he wasn't that would be against the law!!!!!!!!jaw drop

OOOPPPPPPSSSSSSSSS...Forgot about that part...grin


Exactly...Cancel account...No tried about it...Done..Gone..Finished...For someone who really WANTS to cancel his account that is!!!!!!!!

thumbs up roll eyes conversing

RE: Waiting to Know

I agree...I will never pursue something in vain again...It's not in my nature nor do I have the inclination to!!!!!!!!!!!

thumbs up hug hug

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