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well..i ws a lil sarcastic there.. i think your post is much suitable for forums.. Anyways.. life situations are not black or white always.. there's grey in between.. I personally dnt think that anyone will perceive a situation like that.. when they get there they will select..well hopefully select wisely and intelligently..i gez


you are in that dilemma?

RE: Ihate a liar and a cheater.don't need it In,mylife

hmm.. So whats your point? is it that you are just making a statement?

RE: You know what is truly aggravating

You can make a person laugh by tickling them, but does it count as humour?

RE: Mr. Nice, No more

i meant it should "be" Ms. Nice..obviously.. :) I can relate to this blog Max..Sometimes, its so stressful to be nice, to live in other people's expectations. I dnt know whether its about you. but.. goddddd.. i so hear whats in this blog!!!

RE: Mr. Nice, No more

Hey Max, tell me about it!!!!! but of course if i write a blog, it should me Ms.nice, no more!! :(

RE: The Right Person Myth

Well .. in my opinion, right person is someone one you willingly put up with.. like you can tolerate he/she, get on nicely, feel home and comfortable and they can convince you to a certain extent.. right person doesn’t mean that they do things right or we do everything right in their presence..with a right person, we do things the way we used to do, but still survive without being looked down upon or being misunderstood! The only way things can go right with anyone, is by compromising, accepting each other and understanding his/her and your own needs. Surely all are not right persons for us.. In short, people with whom we feel right, are the ppl who are right for us, it can be either a complimenting character or a replica. A replica might look like a right person, but can be extremely boring at the end : )

RE: Life is.........

hi... blogging is not cutting and pasting.. :) Try to be original and creative.. just my opinion. :)

RE: Relationship Status

haha.. common sense! that person is in a relationship, which is complicated.. simple as that :)) In my opinion, pondering about these silly things is utterly useless..

RE: Saying good bye to your heart.

Hey Jack.. sorry to read what you have posted? I'v been here for sometime now and have seen u as a nice guy :) you will be ok budz :) but let me get this clear, u mean to say that you two stopped the relationship coz of the distance? Just when u had all the understanding, love and hopes in each other? ohh thats sad :( One of you couldnt make some arrangement to go see the other or at least to plan for that in the near future? Oh Jack..I thought people give up when they dnt trust, love or not understand and not share common interests..not when have small things like the distance. Its a small world now :)

Trust me I'm going thru something similar to what you were experiencing, where waiting is somewhat unbearable sometimes, coz we are so far away :( but we have met at least and know each othr for more than two we are strong enough to wait a lil while :) I hope you would re-think and re-open your love for her, if your heart says that, that is the Love you were waiting for in your life :) it worth the wait :)

take care
melody :)


Sounds like Drama!!!

RE: How To Know God's Will In Your Life...

Hi Rufus, first of all, let me thank you for posting this blog.. Im actually in the middle of a critical situation that im desperately searching God’s Will in my life.. It’s a serious matter concerning my happiness and happiness of some very close people in my life.. and what you have written is really insightful.. and Im so glad that you wrote it, coz sometimes you already know what to do, but when you hear it from someone else, its like a confirmation. Thank you once again.. I wish I knew you personally :)

Take Care

RE: please guys....

Hey Nice and John, Why dnt you consider starting something.. I think you two match well.. give it a try and see :)

RE: please guys....

Haven’t you still given up being naïve?

RE: Did you say why risk it? I say why not?

Hi Rufus, I really enjoy the story behind your blogs.

Well, I think a man's strength can be of two forms.. Mental and physical.. When u tap the potential of your mental strength, i mean when u are motivated, you can do anything on this earth..not necessarily that you have to be a big man pysically. So we gotta go figure, our strengths and may be weaknesses or limitations too! I think your blog tries to tell that underlying theory?

RE: If you don't want to get shot...

Haha rufus, you heard this advice yesterday? I gave myself this advice, about a year back, though it was him who was coming behind me, saying all sorta things about his wife!! I think Im smarter!!!

We sent them home!

hi lilacmoon :) you know my favourite colour is lilac :) take care

RE: OLDER THAN DIRT.......???????!!!!!!! I THINK

why nobody likes me chrone? Im not the hottie, but dont u think that im the coolest ;-)

CS fun quotes............

who said that? should be Mahadev? hahaha

CS fun quotes............

ohh maxiii... thats one of the funniest!!! hahahaha

RE: No pictures on Profile

Hi imwho... yeh u got it and we all get it but Mina keeps on saying the same thing over and over!! She needs a picture coz she got many!! i think its best to let her feel like she is correct in saying what she says!! :)

RE: No pictures on Profile

Well Mina, having a photo in-front of you doesn’t mean that you know who you are talking to!! I quite agree with DeMarrote here coz he talked sense. It’s the sincerity of a person, what you should bothered about, not the pic, coz having a pic posted dosnt mean even a bit to think you know the real person!!

I got a story to tell, how a picture is so irrelevant when it comes to understand whom you are talking to and gauging the honesty of a person!! I’v been talking to a guy sometime back, who posted his real picture had a sensible profile. When he contacted me, it clicked so well, he got humour, education and looks too. I got many pictures from him we shared contacts. We stated talking over the phone and it became a friendship. He confided in me his dreams, work stuff.. about his future plans, investments, interests, his whole life may be.. and it was going on for more than 8 months.. well, he had told me to call anytime, office or mobile.. and he was looking to come over for a visit. We always called through mobile phones. But once I coudnt get thru to him over the mobile and I called the office, well the answer was there was no such person!! This alarmed me, a bit. And I started wondering, how come!! He is supposed to be the Head of the Company. Well you instincts come up at times like these. Strangely enough, he once told me that he really prefers a name which he wished that his parents would have named him with. Well you never think about those small things a person say when they talk to you, coz that time you really think that they are genuine. But Something told me that could be his real name, coz his company said that no one by the name I knew. I googled that name.. ah.. there was he… with the pictures that he sent me, with the info he gave me.. and he was on the face book.. with the name he told me he liked.. and he was married.. his wife was there .. many other pictures he posted were also there.. and he was a total different person.. and I called his company after that, yes, he was the Head of the HR and General Manager!! He told me all about him, and the Pic, but without his name. I could never find out about him with his pictures coz he told me a different name. You need to be sharper than looking at a picture and deciding on a person!!!!!

How I sorted it thereafter is a different story and out of the topic here.. But all what I can say is, you simply cant think that people who post a picture here are genuine.. I have made a great friend here who never had a profile pic, and I’m so glad I kept believing in him, and he was so sincere from the day one and I don’t think anyone I meet online can be more sincere and straightforward than him!!!

RE: how could a man be so forgetful...?

Anytime Nice :)

RE: how could a man be so forgetful...?

Listen dervish dervish, mahadev, mahadev123, broken hearty, jackpaal or anybody, you are really a weird man!!! I think you should get over some fantasies and go get your head checked!!!

Who wants to be a friend of an extremely weird character? Just back off and let the people who dnt like you have some peace!! and be with fellow weirdos.. thank you..

I think someone got to say this to you, coz your weirdness is getting aggravated by the day!! And be thankful that I took that service upon me!!

RE: how could a man be so forgetful...?

madam, there is a gadget which is called "the Brain" :) and also small tools called "instincts"... only thing is, you gotta practice using those tools... :))

RE: how could a man be so forgetful...?

Hey nice, How come all these weird things happening to you and weird people contacting you all the time? Are you prone to weirdos?

RE: He's just not that INTO you!

ok then my first gez is correct.. well.. some women fight for equal rights and in that case cannot complain much about your elephant story. :) but having said that, even in todays society an old fashioned guy who opens doors for his lady and carry baggages of his lady, pull the chair for his lady, is appreciated.. may be some guys are confused about our contradicting expectations. :))

RE: He's just not that INTO you!

How a guy treat u like a fat elephant? never gone thru that.. is that they ask you to carry loads? or is that they give you bamboo leaves to eat? Just wondering..hehehe

RE: He's just not that INTO you!

Isn't it obvious?

RE: It's the good girls who keep diaries

sorry bro.. i cant agree with that view.. keeping a diary is not a good criteria to decide goodness of a person.. some like writing their daily happenings.. some face those and just walk past them.... to document or not to is a personal choice.. :)

may be u will look at things with a more open mind with the time..

take care

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