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RE: Men r driven by only one thing ! - Now the question is What in ur book ?

i know it' s material contingencies, but takes me a lot of time and energy every year.

RE: How was ur Day ? - If it was That ..........?

Merry christmas to you Snook

RE: What Do You Offer?

can be a little rancid laugh

RE: What Do You Offer?

Although humor is a universal human experience, people of different societies perceive and use humour differently. it comes out with our education and our personal experiences.

RE: What qualities do you value in the opposite sex?

those are just normal expectations, to me at last.. to you too ?

RE: Who is ur celebrity crush??

indeed, he was a very good international player. did you know he has had a bad heart attack that almost left him for dead in 2016 ? he never complained about it, went through a major heart operation and a long period of intense physical therapy. now doing great.

RE: Who is ur celebrity crush??

he is absolutely irresistible. we see him often here, where he has many friends and acquaintances.wink

RE: How the London bombings saved my relationship!!!

The only bomb that should ever burst , the iced one bombe glacée in french

Seasonal greetings

RE: what truly turns you off

religious and politics useless and hopeless battles on forums doh barf

RE: Age is Just a number

laugh where has gone Ray this time ? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What qualities do you value in the opposite sex?

I appreciate class, intelligence, kindness and a developed sense of humour.

RE: Who is ur celebrity crush??

David Ginola, he is such a nice gentleman, kind, attentioned, humble and always joyful.

RE: When did men living in the UK first use forks & spoons with their meals?

Does it really matte if the use forks and spoons ? wow i can't wait for effective brexit


I saw it too, but nothing horrendeous happened ... this happens about 3 times a year ....

RE: elected officials should take drug tests,also.

Drugs, it' s always about them. Can' t yo ever live without them ?? barf

RE: HI..........Dose the truth really set you free...?

There is no greater freedom than the freedom to be yourself. give yourself that gift and CHOOSE to surround yourself with those who appreciate you exactly as you truly are.

RE: I'm against any form of Violence - being it war, a bar brawl, etc

“I am a violent man who has learned not to be violent and regrets his violence.” John Lennon

RE: If you had to give up chocolate or sex

Give up on chocolate ? NEVER wave laugh


It' s already over Friend, try and find other horrendeous things to scare off people around wave laugh

RE: Say Anything XIX

many thanks, i didn't know why it did not work uploading them wave

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 30 - 11

im a humble melomane, not a rock n rol woman at all. so is it :

RE: abhorrent is

abhorrent is all that is referring to s*xual harrassment

RE: I am looking for hosest friends, ages 56 66+

wave me sacred of a SCHWEINstein ? in your dreams only. laugh

RE: Would you like to live longer .. or better?

Neither. I have all i need here so why should i hope for anything better ? enjoy life while it' s still here/

RE: sexy clothes .?

the sexy notion is all in the mind. it' s not about the mode or else. don' t consider the mode or other' s opinions, just be who you are and you'll be free for ever.

RE: Say Anything XIX

wave Happy Saint Nicholas celebration, the true Santa Claus, to the ones concerned in Europe tomorrow.
a tradition that is more than 1000 years old.

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