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RE: Do western women have the confidence to chat up men or not?

I aggree with the idee, but I actually do not see it in peoples behaviour, STILL not dancing

RE: Do People Judge You by How Many FB friends you have?

ourse there are people who really know more then 500 people...
Count : large family, all local friends, distant friends, old school friends, business contacts and clients ... etc
and you quickly reach over 500.

RE: Belgium is out of control

applause banana peace yay
Hear hear,
A Neo-Fraquist fashist :-)

RE: fake profiles

EVERY social site which is free to use, is infested with (914) scammers.
Be aware of the simple fact.
Scammers in general are not going to pay membership fees, just to be able to scam... lol
They breed new profiles day after day, and leave the old to die in silence (sometimers already after as less as 2 days) ... if such an old profile is removed by the site staff (after reports) , the scammer is not even affected, because he already has one or MORE new profiles....
The whole discussion about "someone in France who does not know French" is totally useless in this context. Scammers operate virtually as one day flies, and always post whatever (copy paste) nonsense in the fake profile. They are not even interested in the fact that anyone with brains, instantly can see that it's a scammer, because scammers don't hunt people with brains, they hunt downright IDIOTS, and there are still enough of that kind around in the world ... :-)
NO, scammers are not super intelligent, they are just somehow organised (there exists scam-sequence schemes), and (but) more intelligent then their IDIOTIC victims !


RE: What do you expect from future mate.

A poll with only these 4 possible answers , for me is TRASH...

RE: Do western women have the confidence to chat up men or not?

"manginas" ??????????
Where does HE write that ?

RE: Would you date anyone outside your comfort zone?

I think the question is a trap ... :-)
Because, if I date someone younger, it is because I feel younger as "my comfort zone"
Because, if I date different race, it because the coulour attracts me = in my comfort zone...

If someone really dates out of his/her comfort zone, he/she is either a kamikaze rider, or a dominant ego.
Either masochist or sadist ... lol

Differences are no synonym of 'out of your comfort zone', they are just special preferences IN that zone...

RE: R u happy in love or without and just sex ?

I'm happy in love-without-sex ! ...

RE: Is love a real feeling - or just a commercialistic gimmic ?

In my life values, I've got these levels of importance to start with :
FREEDOM, comes first
FRIENDSHIP comes second
LOVE only third

Which means, if the question is specifically about love, that I cannot consider 'love' if 'friendship' is not already established with that very same person,
and friendship has no chance to survive, if freedom is not respected by the other one.
Am I complicated ? angel

It also means : some pop-up "chemistry" DOES exist, but is no guarantee to lead to 'love' ... in my case.

RE: 60-70 years of Experience: How's Life treating you?

I'm 60.5 yo now
I've never been that sportive, as I am right now.
I now can run long distances, I could not as teenager, 20+, 30+ ...
Did my first marathon as BIRTHDAY-PRESENT beer to myself.
I now can also run those distances faster, year after year.
Had 3 times personal record set again, this year, on 3 diffent contest distances (5K, 6K, 10M)
So, OK, the numbers of age... confused.


Second thought : I don't know anything about 70 yo, yet :-)

RE: Do women really need feminism?

People ... need Humanism ... handshake

RE: The Daily Grind

No, they rather are supplied with a FIXATIVE, to retain stupidity forever rolling on the floor laughing

RE: The Daily Grind

The washing machine broke down after midnight, and I had to continue handwashing for 2 hours out in the night.
Followed by One Gin ... lol

RE: cold-shoulder...

mmmmm, I just can see that the activity rate in the forums is under zero.
Has not to do with you, me.. anyone/someone in person.
It seems that people are tired of forums in general, and dropped out, worldwide, all sites... and now on much easier (content empty) post-and-run places (snapchat, twit-twat-whatever-bla-bla APPS... ) :-) comfort

RE: " No Scammers "

GOOD question, this is an answer from the experts (both scam hunter organisations, and internet police)

Some or many "low grade" scammers, collect email addresses at the fastest possible rate, to sell them (for peanuts, but probably still something in a poor country) to higher grade scam crime gangs. Gangs that organise quite professionally phishing mails. Near to perfect company mail reproductions (coming from "banks", "insurance companies", "Police, retrieving fines" etc etc etc -- everything fake)
(Phishing is the biggest scam sector nowadays)


RE: Any cheerleaders on here

Do you mean, pityfully dressed , badly dancing girls ??
Or do you mean, top tumbling athletes ? (As cheerleaders became in USA ?)
I also never saw those (last type) in the UK :-)

RE: I am looking for hosest friends, ages 56 66+

Well, Ohhhhhhhh I'm such a potential nice friend, living "abroad" a well :-)

RE: Looks like Brixit is in trouble .

Summary :
A 3 year ongoing game of manipulations...

RE: Looks like Brixit is in trouble .

Those men ... white, perhaps.. lol
but handsome, tall, slender ? That's the fashion press model minority.
What about the ugly, short, stocky/fat majority ?

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

Just a reasoned thought, Jimoh :
On a strictly personal level, nobody can answer the question,
but when it comes to 'fitting in', the coulour is a very thin barrier (playing for some) , yet the culture is a big barrier, regardless of the coulour. Playing for... most. (= only a very small minority on earth are adventurous enough to gor for 'meeting of different cultures' in a relation.)
I don't know if this helps you, but it's something known for centuries, all over the earth globe.

RE: Is still possibile to go to live in England?

Before Brexit, it's still EU. As matter of fact.
After Brexit, when they play it the dirty (stupid) hard way, its called emigration/immigration... (as to whereever out of Europe)
when they play it the reasonably way, we still don't know anything ... lol ...
And ideal situation would be to reverse the Brexit thing (as one party in UK is actually throwing on the table)

RE: fake profiles

Just a fact, YES, this site is still full of scammers. They are everywhere actually, but (simple logic) massively more on free social sites compared to paysites. Then, on paysites, you meet the other PEST : sex/escort agencies (in scam mode or not) who look for clients. If paying on a site is favorable for them, however, it just proves how astonishing much men (doh ) there are on these type of sites, ONLY looking for sex....
Just saying...
Most scam-sensible victims are male (by stupidity ?)
and most sex paying clients are male as well (by pityfull sex adiction) ...
Sometimes, I feel so sorry to be "male"... I do not fit into the 2 above categories

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

Hungary does have 7 headed dragons

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

ALL !!!!!
Just take your time, bit by bit !
And of course I'dd say : feel welcome in Belgium (my country)

RE: Is love conscious or don't we have free will in falling in love

What if, so called "love" (for MANY woman) still is nothing more then a hunt for money/benefits ???
It sounds old fashioned, but still HURDS of woman are all over on sites to catch :
- pasports (nationality rights in a different country..)
- money & real estate (after marriage)
- BABIES (lol ...)
- eventually also much sex...
from far away and stupid men.

I'm not even speaking about regular scammers ....

RE: Aruba vs Curaçao

A last thing ..
Those flight times ... as they are in the timetables :
Near to always, the flighttime GOING to USA or Caribean is (1-2 hours - Eastcoast USA / 2-3 hours - Antilles) longer,
then when returning.
That's meteo !! PHYSICS !! East-West transatlantic.
Has nothing to do with commercial trickery...
If you want to understand this, check (google) transcontinental jetstream
Then, don't complain ! :-) Relax, eat drink, read or sing :-)

RE: Aruba vs Curaçao

By the way... "best flight" always is KLM or TUI : Schiphol .to. Curaçao direct. (9:50 à 12:40 h flight time)
(Some KLM Flights do a Round trip : Amsterdam .to. Curaçao .to. Aruba .to. Amsterdam... !!! So, where is the exact problem between the timetable Curaçao vs. Aruba :-) ) ... Aruba ALWAYS is shedued as the 2nd stop in this roundtrip)
So, you then probably : + connect Sweden .to. Schiphol.
Usually also best price option.
All other options make crazy route deviations....


RE: Aruba vs Curaçao

" How about hurricanes?"

Actually.... The Antilles are divided in 2 zones, with a naming going back to the 16th century ...
The Islands "below the wind", and the "Windward" islands ...
The naming is NO joke !
"Windward" is the whole lot located centrally in the Caribean Sea, Martinique area , all the way up north to Florida. THAT's where "all" the hurricanes are born, and move northwards.
The islands "below the wind", actually are along the Venezuelan coast, and are in a constant (year long) unidirectional stiff Pasat wind. This constant airstream is .... preventing from hurricanes to exist... and/or, cause of building up the hurricanes, at 800 - 1100 km to the east. Like, making air masses go rotating very slowly, at that grand distance from the stiff continuous Pasat stream. (Ask meterologists for more explanations... lol )
Apart from 99,9% no chance of hurricanes on Curaçao (etc), also there is very little chance for an ordinary thunderstorm as well ! .. although, on evenings after sunset on the west coast of Curaçao, one can see the lightning on the nearby sierras of Venezuela... :-) ... We onsidered it as open air movie without the sound, with a drink n the hand.... lol

(It's funny to read many replies above here, of people who either never were on the islands, OR have been 7 days DEAD-lazy on a beach indeed. I'dd personally never travel to marry some beach.. lol ... I'm active, both mentally and physically. (I would go running 20 K) So, I still recomend Curaçao (people who have seen "white beaches on Curaçao", either are confused , OR have been on one of the relatively tiny artificial hotel beaches over there.... YES, some have been dropped in with Aruba-sand, 40-50-60 years ago... lol ) Curaçao has over 95% wild rock coasts (magnificent....) and people go swimming at narrow beaches inland at the Bocas. (Our families favority was the tree lined beach at Boca Tabla)
The most beautiful natural beach on Curaçao is at Westpunt, a protected bay with high rocks. It's a locals paradise. No international chain hotel, there :-)

CHEERS again

RE: Aruba vs Curaçao

Hi !

I lived there in my teenage years , went to college (in the European an ABC islands meaning, so for Americans : "High school .. lol ) )

Curaçao, to start with, is very hilly up to a height of 375 meters (?) in the Christoffel/Westpunt National Park. The landscape thus, is very varied, as is the vegetation. Really huge deep inland bays with a most typical form : a narrow sea "mouth" with a large inland bay behind. (It's why they are often called Boca (Mouth in Papiamentu). The central cactus forrest towering 6 meters high (also Christoffel Nat.Park / Westpunt area) is stunning, especially if you never saw such a thing, ... nd MUCH DENSER then those you probably once saw from Mexican far west movie takes .. :-) ... Expect hurds of leguan species everywhere in all sizes. They don't eat you. Expect free roaming goats and small race of near to black pigs as well. They belong to local farmers.
Aruba is 90% flat. It has a central area with very peculiar granite boulder rocks, however, They look like they are left there as the toys of giants :-) but they are real, and a visitors playground now. Part of the rocky (no beach) coast with natural bridges at the seaside (but the most famous of them all, collapsed a decade (or so) ago. But, Ok, that's about it as notable curiosities in the landscape...

If your interest is landscape/nature, Curaçao will be your best choice.
If your interest is endless white sand beach and huge hotels, then Aruba will be your choice...

Culture .... Festivals (including carnaval) are very interesting, but you will most probably never come over one, as you will typically always be there at the wrong date :-)
Anyway, the build environment is there, everyday. Curaçao ranks far over Aruba in that respect as well. Willemstad, capital city at the size of a leisure town, has the historical city center a both sides of the most impressive "boca" of the island. HUGE ships pass through the centre of town. It consists of city quarter Punda, one side, and Otrabanda , literally "The Other Side" :-) ... linked by the most popular free tourist attraction : the famous floating bridge (Yes, it wobbles up and down slowly when you walk it o the other side) which cruises away many time per day, to let pass the ships. It's a joyfull spectacle, still enjoyed by the locals as well :-) You will ot find a similar one anywhere on earth. The historical city centre is Unesco Protected world heritage.... does it sound enough reson to visit Willemstad ? :-) ... (There are buildings dating back to mid 18th century) Also out of city, remarkable landhouse architecture can be seen, sometimes visited. (Plantages)

If your interest is history/heritage, Curaçao will be your best choice.
If your interest is endless white sand beach and huge hotels, then Aruba will be your choice...


RE: Belgium is out of control

I will leave this hole of shit and crap asap that is for sure!!
What would you do?

LOL ... This "hole of shit and crap" , actually is one of the best places to live on earth.
We can deliver a LONG list of places on earth, where life is HELL, if you consider Belgium "out of control"
I suggest you leave for one of hose many hell places, and contiinue your endless complaints from there...

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