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RE: Would you prefer to date someone who can cook?

I now LOVE YOU !!!! cheering
Although I'm a man as well and not gay ... haha heart wings

RE: Would you prefer to date someone who can cook?

100% yes.
I'm an enthousiastic hobby cook (since 15 yo...), and I like the other one to have the same passion.

RE: What age is a responsible age?

If it was reverse, the sentence would have been : His mother is living with him. (English idioma is like that)

RE: What age is a responsible age?

I've seen it ranging between 16 yo and 65 yo... laugh
But the actual case of a 65 yo, was a women banana

RE: trumps porn girl

Check comic art story , featuring D.TRUMP :

Drawn and written in ..... 1989 !!!
Author had no idea what would happen in 2016, but the 29 years old storyline is still.... actual cheering

RE: Why do women have o*gasm?

It's biology, people...

RE: Why is it that all I ever see is the same females on line? Are they looking for a mate or what?

And, what have YOU done in 2 months time ? ... tongue
Don't you see the same question could be turned against you ? cheering

RE: Asexual / Celibate

If you choose to ban s*xual contact (for 17 years, whatever), you're in celibacy, not asexual.
Asexual is the natural (born on) condition. Celibacy is a choice (act of will).

RE: Asexual / Celibate

Nobody on earth masterbates... lol doh

RE: Asexual / Celibate

Not 'by definition', but 'by choice..., or obligation'. (For instance, catholic priests)

RE: Asexual / Celibate

I am one, definately ! cheering


English is just my 3rd language and even in my 5th (Spanish), I still feel very nervous when seeing "native speakers" spell everything wrong in their own language...
Typos are different. Typos are keyboard related errors. Grammar, spelling, no interpunction, syntax & contextual fails however are a sign of cultural language decline.
Wasn't the grammar school, amongst other things, focussing on... language excellence ? confused

RE: Profile Photographs

Most suck in life. So they suck on a website as well angel

RE: Money, Money, Money.

I suppose everybody read the official scam warning page of this site, before facing it,
right ? >>>
So, it seems, not right.
Are there STILL people on earth who never heared about 419 Scam ? .... sleep

RE: Front hole or

The answer you receive, in both cases, would be a slap in your face. innocent

RE: Facebook = Fakebook.

ALL (not some, but absolutely ALL..) social events over here are communicated through FB , apart from the official website of the organiser (think about... music events, theatre events, sports events, association/club life, open door days... etc etc etc) The reaon is, that no singular event website, has "members". Through facebook, event organisers can connect with individual people. Never seen those eventpages, where you can indicate (buttons): "Going", "Not going", "Interested" ... so that both organiser and the friends of the individual can get an idea on attendance.
Without this specific FB tool, organisers would still be in the mid of the 20th century ... yay (flyers and telephone calls .. lol)

RE: Facebook = Fakebook.

Why would you want to produce 500 to 1000 virtual friends ?
On my facebook, I've got my real friends and aquaintances. That's not difficult, isn't it ? handshake
= Family, local town aquaintances, sports mates, distant friends, youth friends (re-found trough FB) .. etc

RE: Does Google have a Censored Chinese Search Engine?

The google search engine in Europe (At least, in the EC) is leaving out all (most..) search results which bounce with / violate the recent new EC privacy legislation. That is indeed a specifice piece of software.

RE: Does Google have a Censored Chinese Search Engine?

I could not read any suggestion in that direction, in the topic opener, rizlared. So, I've no idea why you seem to "want" to turn it around, and then use the accusation "false information"... because there was NOT such information.
Please try to discuss without inventing 'suggestions'. THANKS handshake

RE: Why do scammers think that they smarter than you!

Not true. There is a wide variety : Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal, Ivory Coast...
And more specialised scammers take position in Singapore / Maleisia.
Scammers specialised in companies mostly operate from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia... etc ...

RE: Why do scammers think that they smarter than you!

(1) Scammers are not smarter then "you" (the majority), but they are smarter then the idiots.
(2) There still are enough idiots on earth.
(3) Bingo

RE: What Are You Afraid Of?

Afraid of not finding any fit partner at all.

RE: Women , would you date a bisexual man

Ban polyamide, take wool. You will never burn yourself (except in your purse)

RE: Women , would you date a bisexual man

Error >> Your man being someone's man.

RE: Women , would you date a bisexual man

I look forward to the other genders ! (At least 8 more to go :-) )

RE: If you were a millionaire would you live a modest life?

Although I like Broadstairs ! When can we have tea ? grin If not, then : when can we have a beer ? cheers

RE: Vertigo

Dry suggestion :
see a doctor.. cheers

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