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RE: British versus American English.

defence - defense

I can never decide which way to spell this, and will usually end up using both.

RE: your favourite american muscle car is......

my uncle used to have a trans-am

sexiest machine to ever hit the road

RE: ..Have you ever tried counting the moles on your body? Do you like them where they are..

I have 3, and two are in incredibly awkward places

RE: Who would you rather have sex with Britney Spears or Lady Gaga

I fail to see where this is an issue

RE: ~Abracadabra !!!!!!!!!!!!!~


RE: a clear sign of global warming

So far, I welcome global warming. It's now December and it's still 70F outside (about 20C). now where's the loungechair smilie...

RE: Athiest's blieve

it's a matter of faith, some people refuse to believe in something that can't be proven and seem illogical

I hope that answers before this gets too derailed of a discussion

RE: a clear sign of global warming

what can they do besides restrict water/electricity use? granted the US here is behind in eco-friendly power generation, but I'd say personal responsibility is more important

RE: Every woman should have naked photos taken

Just to let all you ladies know, this naked picture trick doesn't work until you show them to at least 5 men with varying tastes.

My tastes are very varied. devil

RE: A question that I could not answer without serious thought (Can you?)

submit to your overlord and accept it, mid-boss

RE: 2012. Out of time for this planet.

I'm calling it, a lot of people are going to die late december, but the only natural part of the disaster will be their own stupidity

RE: Tiger Woods (!)

When I hit a mailbox I didn't make national news doh

RE: Teen pregnant after ‘swimming in pool’

This is how Michael Phelps was conceived

RE: What is Love

baby don't hurt me

RE: do you ever realy forget your love? honesty plz

I forget the love, but not the person.

RE: What do you miss the most?

I miss how soft a woman feels, nothing else compares.

RE: Do you believe in soul-mates?

It would sadden me if they did.

RE: Songs for your mood right now (part 5) :-)

This has fit for the past month for me

RE: Whos here for just sex?

I gave up the hope of finding anything from a singles site, so what am I doing here again?

RE: The all-inclusive thread

Hello woman of my dreams

RE: A question that I could not answer without serious thought (Can you?)

I'd like to be a favorite coffee cup. Get used every morning to start the day with warmth and familiarity.

On another note DarkAdonis, Vyers is a much cooler name.

RE: Paradox of war

By what means could you stop an aggressor in war? The only option besides complete surrender is intimidation.

I don't recall reading the part about fighting meaning both sides lose in Sun Tzu's teachings in context of this, except for inopportune fighting conditions

real cultures make love and war!devil

So, Here we are.

I'm fond of jazzy stuff and the blues, if you don't mind :]

So, Here we are.

then you are my nemesis hole

RE: Blue Balls.......

Enjoying the punishment?

it's nothing a quick trip to the bathroom wont fix anyways

So, Here we are.

This thread is now a where's waldo of music, and I'm okay with that!

So, Here we are.

I had Firefly in mind(I aim to misbehave), but okay, let's go with this

So, Here we are.

I hopped off last year out of hopelessness, and return to reactivate my account at near the same time.

So what is it that brings y'all to return here time after time? For me, I'm pretty sure it's the cold. It must mess with my brain. (43ºF at the time of this post, eat that everyone above 30ºN)

Oh well - perhaps my spirits will be lifted this year, and not by means of death.angel

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That one, I made with photoediting. This is the real deal!

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Better than with the 'stache?

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