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Anyone heard from Tru lately ?2141418 hrs ago
Who are the best painters in the world?3214 hrs ago
What does it mean when someone says you remind them of their Ex?29513May 15
Vandals have broken into the National Museum of Origami in Tokyo.1706 hrs ago
If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?14514May 26
Are you Enlightened!47031May 21
Now I can't even look myself in the mirror anymore17515May 26
I have a phobia of German sausages. Yes, I fear the wurst906May 25
Hear about the cross-eyed teacher who got fired?372May 25
So far in 2018 there have been over 16.67 million murders by abortion worldwide847May 25
The politics of Dancing280May 25
Has any cs member been on an All-Gay cruise?15410May 24
Any CS women want to share any photos of themselves shaved?26121May 24
CS is my Westworld and all the other members are actually my imaginary audience.1243May 20
Life is Cheap1263May 24
Is anyone here a Trans Man (F2M) or a Trans Woman (M2F)52652May 24
Have you ever been dumped for not making enough money?26522May 22
Do you conceal carry?29921Apr 8
Are We Privileged?1234Apr 8
Why do women wear Bras today.....1,251104May 16
Have you ever been a Televangelist ?763May 22
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight641May 22
Borat — a Christmas Song .... Grab Him Buy His Money :)330May 22
Read a good book today :)290May 22
I ain’t as good as I once was1162May 20
My Life10510May 21
Why do women have o*gasm?1424May 14
How many of your teeth have you lost playing sports?14711May 15
Forever Man12110May 19
Does anyone else fear that a duck is watching you?65652May 17
What happens if we are alone and fall dead in a Forrest?23017May 15
Where is God when a 100 km asteroid strikes earth and all life on the surface of the earth dies?20513May 16
College Educations11211May 19
What happens to overprotected children?61744May 18
How many Women on CS wanted to be a boyscout in adolescence?25014May 9
Trump has spoken and believes the UK citizens would be as safe as US citizens IF1485May 5
30s Music22212May 14
2018 .... is a man-bun primarily Euro today1,08188Feb 22
Does anyone else here like to go to Clubs?16416May 17
Anyone here have to wear a plus size bra?21418May 17

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