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Last thre letters start the next word14,4401,316Feb 2020
Compound Words62,2254,286Oct 2018
Expression on a guys face when he meets his bride for the first time....29514Jan 18
Who has mr twitter not roasted163224 hrs ago
Daily Chuckle ...67,1662,770Dec 2018
Hot Rods and Motorcycles8,548449Dec 2019
How many here today resemble this ?43426Jan 17
This is what I had for dinner tonight.3,350179Oct 25
How many hard boiled eggs can you eat in a half-hour?24110Jan 15
How do you like men and women to dress: Formal, Casual, for Church, for CS etc71442Jan 14
I just ordered chicken fried rice medium spicy with chopsticks delivered at home75243Jan 5
Will someone please bring my trash container in from outside.1927Jan 13
What’s your idea of a perfect date where you live?82060Jan 12
Has anyone else completed a pilgrimage and hiked one of the Camino de Santiago routes, or similar?37234Jan 10
What is a good thread to you?1,04049Jan 8
#3 Ohio State University plays #1 Alabama State for the National Collegiate Football Championship13811Jan 9
Do you still have any of the shotguns your paternal grandfather gave you?1854Jan 11
What was your maternal grandmother’s first phone number that you used.51237Jan 5
Are you built for winter?30628Jan 10
Ode to Joi1312Jan 6
Hind lick manuever23510Dec 12
What happened to CUPID in the Forums?2786Jan 6
Can you guess why and when Vodka sales were the highest in Russia & when the Cold war really ended?1637Dec 27
Winehouse made it to the Last Supper1516Jan 5
First movie I noticed someone for the first time and recognized they were a great actor.80054Jan 2
Who’s perspective wins?28116Dec 31
Rules for 20212225Dec 31
2020 in Your Language28719Dec 31
What do you do if someone likes you...1,00146Dec 29
All Hail The Pigeon !1343Dec 30
404 ERROR Page Not Found1591Dec 30
I think you might like it ... Travolta and Newton-John880Dec 29
Expressions3,356113Sep 25
Do you like Santa’s mask? It’s ok, but I like her without it.2062Dec 23
She looks Spanish to me...38924Dec 29
Consider trying this if you have trouble sleeping well.25314Dec 28
Face of a man living in Switzerland 1300 years ago.49425Dec 26
Why did everyone in East Germany speak U.S. English on November 9, 1989?1567Dec 27
Muammar Qaddafi’s loved Condoleezza Rice1104Dec 27
Seeking Vacuum recommendation41722Dec 26

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