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Should laws that restrict access to guns be abandoned?74052Mar 26
The dark history of Spanish colonialism in the Americas25216Nov 10
What’s For Lunch1208Nov 6
What did the horse say to the scarecrow?881118 hrs ago
Throwback Tuesdays14415Nov 13
Which social issue is going to be the hottest in 2018?1,31758Jan 26
Ohio State University Owens Kicks Arse in Berlin Olympics1102Aug 15
Germany and other countries celebrate Karl Marx’s 200th Birthday1,23370May 6
I need your clothes, your boots, your Tesla and Red Headed Slut and Sex On The Beach1609Nov 13
Whats the quickest way to bake a potato?85669Nov 11
Opinion Rhapsody — Social Media Brawl —- Drama (I love my Opinions)806Nov 13
Does anyone enjoy working weekends as well as weekdays ?59426Jun 11
What temperature do you keep your home thermostat set at in the winter?31628Nov 11
Blue-Eyed Soul53828Oct 20
Legendary Marvel Comics creator, dead at 95271Nov 13
I hear that the Boy Scouts Association no longer exists as intended in the U.K.?25121Nov 8
What temperature do you keep your home freezer set at?11610Nov 11
Legendary American Martial Artist shows British how to play Ping Pong983Nov 8
Grandfather of MMA541Nov 12
A Drummers Song.... Radio radio250Nov 12
Name That Tune.....553Nov 12
What Body-Temperature does your woman keep you at during the night?340Nov 12
What temperature do you keep your home refrigerator set at?562Nov 11
Do you like to eat dead animals?63152Nov 9
Being optimistic.... what’s going to be your wedding song?868Nov 9
Cqompound Words2,468313Oct 8
What’s the best way to overcome premature ejaculation?28826Nov 9
Guess Who!18413Nov 6
Nice Feet on women does it1697Nov 2
Reach out and touch someone today852Nov 8
The Girl Scouts of the USA Suing Boy Scouts of America695Nov 8
What happened to the latest thread on our friend in South Africa?36420Nov 1
Hello and Good Evening Brothers and Sisters of CS Land!1337Nov 5
Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday November 4, at 2 A.M.819Nov 2
Did you ever use a fake ID?635Nov 2
We Wish You a Merry Chri1336Nov 4
In A Manner of Speaking691Nov 4
Where would I find you at a party?71060Nov 2
You Don’t Know JACK!1072Nov 3
24 Weeks21721Nov 3

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