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Cqompound Words7,432877Oct 8
Carpool Karaoke975Jan 14
Guess Who III ?21721Jan 11
Is the next Public Health Crisis Loneliness?23217Jan 16
Will same sex kissing in the movies today be more prevalent than in early film history.17212Jan 16
Daily Chuckle ...1,49282Dec 2
Is Southern Comfort a good substitute for Siberian Cedar ?1157Jan 13
My dad used to yell ..... Turn That Shit Down! whenever I listened to Steely Dan .....26717Sep 22
Night Fever702Jan 15
Share A Photo32930Jan 12
Who was Badder than old King Kong And meaner than a junkyard dog?1816Sep 21
A little mellow tonight28217Dec 20
They interrupted televising the Michigan Maryland game to announce Kavanaugh’s confirmation20712Oct 6
Where are the Japanese?51626Sep 30
Why not build a Dam and flood the Rio Grande instead of build a wall between the USA and Mexico69839Jan 4
Is there a difference between saying: “I love you” and “Love you?”33634Jan 12
Photoshopped Photos1405Jan 13
The USA’s Battleships had narrow beams and wet decks.997Jan 13
Can you impersonate another CS member? Record it and post it here!31712Jan 8
Not a recent trend: Abortion was the ‘Leading Cause of Deaths in 2018 @ ~41 million1,113102Jan 5
How long can you keep a package of two peanut butter cups in your pocket before they become one ?1147Jan 13
I would Love everyone’s Opinion of where I should hang a new retro portrait in my home!60849Jan 7
I saw a movie today about a real POS..... Chappaquiddick34410Apr 2018
Can Islamic radicals be Americanized?36610Apr 2018
Make America Grate Again20917Oct 12
Does any first-world country feed stray cats and dogs to its homeless people?2747Apr 2018
Are We Privileged?42412Apr 2018
Double Standards: Violence is Violence56125Apr 2018
Do you believe in Tipping ?43617Apr 2018
Cold War1414Jan 5
Why are there more Whiners than Winers and Winners on CS these days?65360Jan 4
Are you worried that your RFID chip may be Hacked ...690Jan 11
Juke Box 20191272Jan 2
Does anyone have style today or are we out of style ?1727Jan 4
Guess Who II ?30717Dec 29
The Epic Clash of Queens29322Jan 1
Where have all the fun and good natured CS members gone?2,406104Jan 7
"Don't Kid Yourself" would be a great advertising slogan for a condom company.2818Dec 17
Should Colleges continue to offer courses in “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity?”30322Dec 30
Is The Islamization of Europe really happening again, for the third time?1,46892Dec 24

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