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Wick Parabellum76719 hrs ago
Happy Birthday TwoIntrigued !52342May 21
CE: There's Nothing Like A Good Piece of Hickory1577May 12
Compound Words16,3291,594Oct 8
The Question: what is the purpose of dating?59243May 19
Jen!19716May 18
It’s for the Penetration500May 20
Mary Had A Little Lamb23619May 17
Daily Chuckle ...5,412292Dec 2
Vietnam88553May 10
How many people woke up today lonely and h*rny as heck?20111May 18
Netherlands Wins Eurovision 201927120May 18
Barry Hovis170May 19
Has anyone seen the new movie trial by fire yet ?602May 18
Nancy Pelosi Impersonation716May 17
Message from the DNC452May 17
Batdad is back with shi theads pillow case310May 17
Are extended warranties and service plans for major household appliances worth it?1108May 16
Whats your preference for Mens' Style: 1970 or 2018?1659May 16
why are women always testing their men ?1,614106Mar 23
phrase "separation of church and state" where does it appear in the United States Constitution?1429May 4
Anyone ever written a tribute for a sibling who passed?31928May 13
So you want a boy or a girl37723May 6
Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.501May 14
My Favorite Song On Mother’s Day15511May 11
Waiting for it to start ...640May 14
Street Talk560May 14
Can’t Stop930May 14
Why don’t NATO countries appreciate & respect the USA keeping Russia and China out Europe?43727May 7
Daughter Gives Up Everything For New Boyfriend!753May 12
Is it true that some Canadians believe we need to stop having children to stop global warming?15910May 11
People who talk bad about you behind your back on CS.1,715108May 4
Safe Dog Handling Tips510May 12
Take Your Breath Away592May 11
Is Europe as incapable of resisting Russia today as it was of resisting Stalin in 48 or Hitler in 4818713May 10
why are women who say not looking for sex in their profiles quick to comment in sex oriented threads1,18860Mar 13
The Sweetest Taboo760May 10
Choosing a wife34420Apr 16
Has anyone been to the future birthplace of Captain James Tiberius Kirk?995May 7
What If America Hadn’t Won WWII2,508197May 1

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