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Share What You Are Listening To -- Part XX5,953379Feb 3
Covert Narcissism —69742Feb 16
I miss President Obama speaking! Do you? (This is an A-Political Poll)103519 hrs ago
Weight Loss Program Search58441Feb 16
The U.S. House of Representatives passes h.r. 38 making mandatory reciprocity for all states.28125Dec 6
Pickle Craving During Pregnancy20519Feb 16
Belgium Boy Peeing in Ashtray Hunt21819Feb 15
Would it be considered Incest if you had sex with your transgendered clone?39435Feb 15
Anyone know of someone else charged with a sex related crime and want to reveal them here?45315Feb 5
Elon Musk: Do you think South African born, USA educated will be the first to colonize Mars?21611Feb 11
What is your native language.1,18572Jan 27
What happens when we run out of trees and carbon energy ? And/or clean water?42531Feb 3
Hobby Horsing in Finland. Will it be a future Olympic competition.4794May 2017
Wh Ars is the most complicated English word in America.... it’s true...24114Feb 5
How many tests before a woman loses respect and interest in her dude before or after marriage46628Feb 2
How many still believe in Marriage and Family life, like Ozzie and Harriet portrayed on tv?47432Jan 28
Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 30 - 1114,086987Nov 9
Which social issue is going to be the hottest in 2018?49035Jan 26
Mexico: murders of women rise sharply as drug war intensifies2,400180Dec 14
It’s 2018 and women are now the ones in charge of romantic “pursuit.”65737Jan 9
Do you think POTUS Trump has terminally wrecked this Dating site ?81250Jan 13
Favorite 007 Lines21816Jan 5
League of Super Hero’s29228Jan 4
HAKA Wedding36422Jan 5
For my Friends in Mexico and China ...47930Dec 29
Curious.... On the average, how many WVMs does a CS female member’s profile see per day?1,29317Dec 26
Merry Christmas USA963Dec 24
USA Vetoes UN Security Council Egypt-drafted resolution that Status in Jerusalem not change1,06679Dec 18
Sullivan's and Sun --- It's Happy Hour!72756Oct 15
288191734Dec 16
World Views900Dec 12
Never Forget ... December 7, 194131212Dec 7
Is Trumps locker room talk misogynistic?70473Dec 5
Does Ballet have Sexism and Racism problems?36730Dec 7
2018 XXIII Olympic Games953Dec 7
Is China behind farming hate for Japan with North and South Korea?88289Dec 1
When did men living in the UK first use forks & spoons with their meals?57229Nov 29
Mao would approve of new laws in China36937Dec 2
Jury finds illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez not guilty of killing Kate Steinle74061Nov 30
Should the USA exit the UN?74250Nov 25

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