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Forgive them

Defending all religous faiths in an ever secular world....
2681Aug 2012

Ireland's warrior queen

In praise of Ireland's London 2012 Olympic gold medalist for women's boxing, Katie Taylor, athlete r...
4066Aug 2012

Beauty from above

In praise of beauty....
2784Aug 2012

The bear sleeps

Controlling the beast within....
2353Jul 2012

Heavenly father

Contemplating the many images of God....
2210Jul 2012


For all lonely souls...
2461Jul 2012

From the dust

For all those suffocating under the rubble of life....
2871Jul 2012

My beautiful you

For that special someone.........
2710Jul 2012

All you prodigal sons

For those that have lost their way....
2061Jul 2012

My emerald home

A poem of Ireland, the emerald isle, my home....
2801Jul 2012

Seasons of the mind

How the changing of the seasons reflects the changing of the mind....
2631Jul 2012

Love is the way

A simple poem I wrote above love....
2673Jul 2012

The hero we dont know

A dedication to all frontline workers, doctors, nurses, police officers, firemen, coast guard, army...
2633Jul 2012

A man must rise

The measure of a man...
2274Jul 2012

A day isn't wasted

A poem I wrote about how living in and appreciating the moment can lead to living a more fulfilling...
2231Jul 2012

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