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Ten Depressions

Been through ten depressions, Overcame with One, You! You, Picked me up, Soothed the pain, S...
2757Feb 2011

Flowers For You

Each day, I sent A Flower, In memory of a friendship that was bliss, Not once I missed. But th...
3185Jan 2010

Am I A Friend

Do you Know Me? Am I A Friend? I daren’t say, Lest it may offend. You inspire, Precious ar...
3164Jan 2010

A New Year Message

Let’s Thank Our Creator for all His Graces in Our Past, Pray that We shall give Him Space in Our He...
3322Jan 2010

The Course of Life

I wish to share this poem written by Merlin Archivilla with all readers. This poem touched my heart...
3432Aug 2009

Let Live the Animals

A poem dedicated to all animals. Praying that mankind would give them space....
4733Jul 2009

Your Calls

I got you a line, Cause I need to know, What happened today? For I not know. My legs don't tak...
3913Jun 2009


This poem is about my colleague who is now a fugitive. She has two toddlers. Her worthless husband w...
3904Jun 2009

Little Serena

This poem is dedicated to my niece who has down syndrome. When I heard of the premature delivery, I...
5095Jun 2009

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