Outrageous In 2020

Between the current (lifer) polictians, millionaires and billionaires moguls, hasbeens (Hollywood,...
6353444Mar 6

Do capital letters make you ANXIOUS?

(2:46) Do capital letters make you ANXIOUS? No worries, UK university has your back
5354111Nov 26

Taboo Subjects

Taboo  1- A ban or an inhibition resulting from social custom or emotional aversion. 2- A proh...
2761912Nov 14

Sounds That Make You Cringe

My new neighbors have an attachment on their doorknob and every time someone turns the knob the soun...
4532737Sep 12

What's With The Teddy Bear?

There is a guy who keeps sending me the same message. He says "Hi, I am ----- I live in -------- "...
6674413Oct 30


Love or hate October.. it's here. And it is a long month. (25:17) It's the great pumpkin Charli...
6524436Oct 2

Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Wedding of Prince Harry, 33 yo (Prince Henry of Wales: Henry Charles Albert David), 5th in the line...
2,1548172Apr 1

Breakfast & Morning Rituals

What is your breakfast or morning routine?...
166925Sep 30


Humans are hunter- gatherers; omnivores for survival, even our teeth are designed for meat and plan...
6145619Sep 19

What Are You Afraid Of?

Instead of the same ol' same ol' line of "What are you looking for?" What are you afraid of?...
1,04010026Sep 6

Insects Without Borders

It's Not A Man's World, It Is A Bugs World. My new apartment is under siege by insects. Gnats, sp...
3903110Sep 9

How many social media /networks are you currently on?

Just curious.. I hear there is a censorship crackdown & a lot of fake profiles & bots on other sites...
5511268Mar 4


Whip out all the, so called, or conveniently called ... "conspiracy theories" What Do You Think T...
6231932Mar 16

3 Wishes

You find Aladdin' s lamp... And ... well... you know the drill ... blah blah blah...
6592634Mar 15

What Time Is The Apocalypse?

Apocolaspe, Doomsday or Armageddon or whatever you want to call it... Tick tock......
1,3397042Mar 9

Do you believe President Trump will finish his term in office?

With all the fake news, opinion pieces, lies & propaganda, paid protesters & rioters, criticism from...
2,51157298Feb 2017


With so much, divide and conquer in the world, within each country or region, over races, religion,...
9346023Mar 24

What Shape Is The Earth?

This is very much disputed on other sites. People have very strong opinions on this. Fasten Yo...
1,0605354Mar 4

Dream Vacation

Everyone has a dream vacation or an escape plan ... or both...
3521124Mar 13

Are There More Than 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover?

Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
5602417Mar 8

Where Are You In The Birth Order?

If it is true that the birth order affects a child's personality and adult life, how has it affected...
8775246Mar 4

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