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Juicing for health Recipe

Blending for juice and pulp

Juice you have to filter your smoothie if you don't like just drink smoothie in one day let sit it get odd looking...juice will sit on bottom and displace making want to shake it.

I started to notice after first taste and couple days from smoothie aspect it doesn't last. Doesn't taste like fresh. Best option is make blender type juice and collect juice. it last a week in your fridge or you drinking it more.

Juicing tastes really good, pulp I found some uses of it. You could add to things to like pasta sauces or places where people say they don't eat their vegetables be surprise later.
Juicing for health


Depends what available or what you grew:

Kale (washed and chopped and bagged)
Collard(washed and chopped and bagged)
Pepper (washed and chopped and prepared of day juicing)
Apple (washed, peeled, chopped and cored, prepared day of juicing)
pear (washed, peeled, chopped, and cored, prepared day of juicing)
Cucumber(washed, some peeled, chopped, depending on taste of pit and cucumber you keep pits)
watermelon(washed, rind removed, use the three days purchased)
Pineapple(remove the top, cut top and bottom, cut rind careful then pits)
Ginger(peeled, chopped day of juicing)
Strawberries(washed, top removed or do it whole after you washed it)
other type melons (washed, rind removed and pits removed)
frozen fruits and frozen veggies is highly recommended helps in those who want short cut it but you don't need cut or chop so consider it.
citrus that can be tasted would be peel without much of pectin.

Herbs you can add:
there ton of other herbs you could add that immune boosting to make your day feel you take on day.


1) find good combo that works

2) Example: Carrots & apple means you won't need to add sugars ever, Frozen berry & Pepper you need to add Pear because not everyone likes pepper juice combo... Kale doesn't taste good by itself unless with another vegetable herbs work well to keep flavors not too strong.

3) Availability matters, not everything will be there, due to price if your one people who spends money like don't want to me I get mousy when i see price that like five bucks for kale you grow it and it costs less for growing it yourself and grow more of quantity means you grow 10 bushes of it and keep growing for you it ever-growing bush of kale. U get me.

Same with collards? yep.

4) I have Hamilton beach if you have on slow masticating juicers that works just similar to blender, set to low and chopping, squeeze out sooner or liquidfy(this on high setting) so you have fresh tasting juice quicker.

5)what do I do with my pulp, give to goats use in pasta sauces just little bit, use for cookies...and baked cookies and goods. Edible to dogs and other people who have issues in life.

6) Filtering methods funnel or using skimmer ladle which I use often. Paper towels or handkerchief choices are up to you if you have cheese cloth in your house.

7) end result you still have clean up mess, but results you get juice tastes better then store products.


Your refrigerating afterwards, so normally juice doesn't last very long, why 4 my mom refuses to drink juice with me.

I don't recommend oranges with juice you rarely taste it, Lemon maybe or other citruses you probably taste more...

Sites I recommend you check out before you assume I know everything:

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Number of Servings: 8
Yield: 8 cups
Style: American, West Coast

Comments (1)

Note the photo: is picture Kale/collard/Celery Plus weak Carrot + Pear combo I didn't want kale too strong...
If want to make sweet for people in your life I recommend adding honey to make them less hating you.
Kale and collard is combo I wanted to try not bad, celery is like not having to add nuts. Carrot is good but if you add five carrots or more it makes tasty juice plus some pears in there tastes really sweet naturally.

Other combo that works but makes too sweet is carrot + pineapple I wouldn't recommend it unless your eating something bitter like Grapefruit + Kale + Celery very strong overpowering flavors of bitter You may need Carrot + pineapple flavor...keep pulp for making frozen pops? especially if super grind it up or just freeze it and have special day when too hot to much.grind it down and become nice soft serve.

Collard equal to broccoli flavor without gas...

Kale is high nutritional and my dog loves it baked especially my mom.

Juicing can have lot other flavors as well. don't assume it can't be juiced, just assume what best way to get juice out it or flavor.

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