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Lets Talk

Let's Talk

Heart Felt Questions And Answers.. Allowing Our Voices To Be Heard.. Are You Ready? Let's Talk Now!...

Your Invitation

Your Invitation

To Taste The Sweetness In Our Special Place Of Heart's Delight's!...

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome!

From Strangers,To Acquaintances,To Friends: The Warmest Welcome To You!...

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astrology reveals the need for community

astrology reveals the need for community

From Latin, the word Virgo meaning ‘virgin’, finds its origins. In the astrology (and astronomy) circle, it is the constellation lying in the southern...

You have new friend requests

You have new friend requests

I don't know about you, but when I click on this link, I see a list of about 30 people, who I've never seen before, requesting to be on my friends...

What is love anyway and What part do communicatio

What is love anyway? and What part do communicatio

Love is a process for the purpose of nurturing someone or something. It is a spiritual action for the development of the self of the next person who i...

Dating on CS

Dating on CS

Over the past 2 months I've been communicating with a woman on CS, who is fairly close to me here in New Jersey (USA). More recently we've talked...

Some keys to a good relationship

Some keys to a good relationship

Certainly good communication with a thorough understanding is crucial;

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