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Asking The Right Questions

Asking The Right Questions

Some people have the talent to ask all the wrong questions and I have a habit of answering a question straight as it was asked. My one window is about one meter from the neighbor’s fence and a few months ago he hollered across the fence...

Do you want sex

Do you want sex?

Mr Catfoot! I looked up. Of course she addressed me by my family name and not my nickname. What do you mean by ‘Yes, please’? She was the typical spinster type school secretary and had an irritated look on her face. I...

Red Is The Colour

Red Is The Colour

Ever wondered why fire engines are red? It is a question I had often asked when I was a child. The best I could ever get was that flames are red, but they’re not. But now, after all these years I have finally worked it out. Traditionally...

Asking The Wrong Questions

Asking The Wrong Questions?

Quite often we don’t get the answers we expect because we’re not asking the right questions. It may seem silly but sometimes two questions that sound the same can have different answer. This often happens when one of the facts surrounding the questio...

I have a question for you

I have a question for you.

Welcome to my blog. Come in. Stay a while. Your eyes have wandered here to explore, read this blog, and hopefully comprehend it's contents. Obviously, they and thus you, are seeking something. Something special ? Wanting to see what ?...

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