Top 10 Dating Blunders

Though a lot can go wrong when it comes to dating, there are some mistakes that seem to be much more common than others. Take a look at the top 10 dating blunders that singles would be well advised to avoid.

Overly promiscuous

Depending on the personalities and the preferences of the people involved, this is one dating blunder that needs to be watched from both ends of the spectrum. Being too promiscuous can send your dating partner running for the hills but being too prude could easily have just the same effect. However, if communication skills are intact, then you should have a fairly good idea of where you both stand when it comes to intimacy.

Being overly critical

If you are the kind of person who is always running low on positive things to say, chances are that your dating turnover rate will be pretty high. Nobody wants to spend much time with someone who is constantly criticizing every little thing. Try not to be a nag or a drag.

Jealousy possessiveness

Resist the urge to treat your partner like a possession. If you truly feel threatened by someone or something, find a way to communicate your concerns without making accusations.

Being rude to others

Nobody wants to date someone that doesn’t make an effort to get along with his/her family and friends. Even if your personalities clash, you would be well advised to, at the very least, keep things civil with those people who are important to your partner.

Being unreliable

In any kind of partnership, it’s important to prove that you can be counted on. Nobody likes to be let down. Failing to keep your word or making a habit of being unreliable will likely prove to be detrimental to a relationship.

Being too demanding

No one is perfect. Let your partner be human and try not to fly off the handle if he/she doesn’t do things in exactly the way you would have liked.

Being phony

For a relationship to flourish, you should feel comfortable enough to be yourself around your partner. Avoid the urge to put on an act in an attempt to impress your partner. If you can’t be your true self, then you’re probably dating the wrong person.

Settling for second best

If you know your partner isn’t “the one” but you stick around anyway, it’s probably time to re-assess the situation. It isn’t fair to either one of you if you are in it just to fill a void or ease the loneliness.


Being too needy or clingy with your partner can be a real turn off, especially during the early stages of dating. It’s okay to enjoy each other’s company but be careful not to smother each other.

Failing to communicate

The quickest way to sabotage any kind of relationship is to neglect the need for open, honest and frequent communication. Unnecessary misunderstandings can be easily avoided by keeping the lines of communication open.

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Fake people liars cheaters those who feel inferior so try pulling other person down they're the worst..also men with money who talk of buying you stuff its insulting unless you're easily bought then mean guys who simply won't buy or pay for anything it should be give and take equally ......doh
I enjoy reading this list banana I think most relationships falls under # 8 (second best). There's no perfect mate. So in return we connect with someone that's matches our requirements close as possible. (2nd best)hug
cheering Right on it! Thanks! Will keep in mind.
Well done! A very REAL list! Well-explained and compiled applause
10. - thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
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