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top 10 reasons women confuse me :)

title speaks for itself
Yes means no
Maybe means no
No means no
yer absolute inability to use logic LOL
how you expect men to be mindreaders. if you don't know what's going on in your head, how are we supposed to
you want a nice man..... but not too nice WTF!!
you want a man be open with his emotions, yet when we do you say we smother you LOL
You dress up for a night out, not to pull a guy, but to look better than other women
You can't read a map
and finally..... why you get so mad it the toilet seat is up. it's easy to put it back down. you don't hear men complain about the seat being down..LOL

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I suppose that it was happens when ignorant men date ignorant women
guys confuse me too
Yep you have us down pat. Us women want what we want. It is our minds that can change in a minute, and that is our right. As for the dressing up to out do the others in the room well that is only half right we want you men to drop your jaws and start stuttering. Hum Then again maybe I just confused myself. Just have to keep you guessing,
I like this this to some of the women in I know why us guys are confused, nervous, annoyed, upset, frustrated etc. It's not pressures from other sources in life, it's a thing called the opposite sex.

Why do they call women the opposite sex? Easy...they always do the opposite of what we expect them to.

Sometimes I think they don't understand themselves, so how are us guys supposed to understand them. laugh
Ah, we're not all like that... There's always an exception to every rule! ;)
I don't think men were ever SUPPOSED to understand women (though not all women are like the one's you mention in your list, just like not all guys are into football, going away for lads holidays and seeing how many notches in his bedpost he can carve out or the blokes who you see driving along with their fingers pushed up in places they really shouldn't hehe) you guys can be a bit of a mystery to us too


gone are the days of blondes brunettes are some of the most beautiful ppl on this earth inside and out :)
Id say your on a hiding to hell there Fit....

When Moses came down from the mountain with the ten commandments, he ommitted to mention the eleventh...
"Though shall't never attempt to figure out the mind of woman, for if he try, he will surely be reduced to a blubbering certifiable wreck"...
Some of the bibles secrets are still closely guarded...laugh...
In summation, get a dog, there more reliable!....

come oooon 8 is stupid...
No means maybe later.
1. You are easily confused

2. You are a man, so you don't know the meaning of "no"

3. In the presence of female beauty your IQ drops 28 points, however temporary the reduction is

4. The female s*xual pheromones create fear in your mind

5. You think of happiness and bliss, and that's it, you can't do any more Calculus problems that night until you first get your rocks off

6. The better a woman looks, the more she don't want you to touch her. Confusing.

7. The better a woman looks, the harder her boyfriend will beat you if you touch her.

8. Everyone wants a blonde, isn't that confounding. You'd think that one or two guys out of three billion would want a brunette. But no.

9. In your town all women are blonde, and all guys are either dark haired, or bald. Recessive genes, is any of you inside?

10. Nature tells you to go for the best looking woman. Society tells you to adore them and look, smile, candle-lit dinners, etc. before you marry them, THEN you can touch them, but you can't touch others. For Ghenghis Kahn and all the Emperors of China the same thing was something completely different.
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