Good Mood Music

While playing most music to fit my moods, playing this music puts me in several good moods - I'm not quite sure how to categorize it because of that, but I enjoy it every time! 10 is too limited - there is so much more!

Lisa Stansfield

Real Love: Time To Make You Mine
All Woman
A Little More Love
Real Love
Affection: Mighty Love
All Around The World
When Are You Coming Back
Wake Up Baby
Very happy to see a 6-CD Box Set of Lisa Stansfield on Amazon - very worhtwhile - now you know something of my future!

Tara Kemp

Hold You Tight


Love Deluxe: No Ordinary Love
Feel No Pain
I Couldn't Love You More
Cherish The Day (Checkmark This One)
Mermaid (Just Music - Very Meditating)

Art Of Noise

The Ambient Collection: Whole Album
In No Sense, Nonsense: Whole Album
Daft: Moments In Love


The Immaculate Collection: Justify My Love

Black Box

Dreamland: Whole Album (Fantastic Voice)

Keith Sweat

Make It Last Forever: Whole Album
Make It Last Forever
In The Rain (Great Remake - Original Great Also)

Gary Wright

Love Is Alive

C&C Music Factory

Gonna Make You Sweat

2 Unlimited / Snap!

Get Ready 4 This / The Power

It's great to sample music at Amazon, but laptop speakers do not do music justice. You need good bass. All of these songs use great bass and sound fantastic cranked up through surround sound speakers, headphones or in your car.

Comments (2)

SERIOUSLY!! are you from Mars.? OMG! or I'm on the Dark Side Of The Moon.. rolling on the floor laughing Noooooooooooooo Way, only Gary Wright and Madonna are worthy of this list...Ledger, Mehhh...laugh doh Shoots you need to learn about music first...never make air time playing these songs, unless your clubbingcool acting all kind a groovy and a swingerdancing is that yooos...dunno Cheers cheers grin
Sade: Love Deluxe:
Bullet Proof Soul (Checkmark This One) (So Smooth)
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