The Top 8 Job Applicants the Federal Government wants to hire now

The Top 8 Job Applicants the Federal Government wants to hire now
The U.S. government wants to talk to you. If you are a U.S. citizen or national, American federal agencies are after you. They may be actively searching for you right now. Sounds a bit ominous, doesn't it? Well, before you panic and flee to Mexico, just relax. You see, despite our stagnant economy and bleak job market, the U.S. government still happens to have roughly 30,000 job openings to fill and they would like you to apply. (So, there's no need to brush up on your Spanish just yet.)

Take one look at the federal government's official job site,, and you'll be practically bowled over at the sheer volume of employment opportunities available to U.S. citizens. And that number appears to be growing on a daily basis. You're not likely to hear about these jobs in the popular media, as they are far too busy mourning our fallen economy.

However, if you are currently looking for work and have never considered applying for a federal government position before, you may want to pay close attention. There are many lucrative openings within the federal government and now may be the perfect time for you to apply.

Below, you will find a short description of 8 of the top job opportunities based on volume. Although there are literally hundreds of different skill sets needed by our government, these 8 positions are the most “bountiful” right now:


Salary: 96,539.00 - 275,000.00 USD

The vast majority of positions in the medical field are through the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Health Administration. The U.S. government is hiring all manner of physician in almost every specialty. If you are an oncologist, neurologist, or any other kind of “ologist”, there's a good chance the federal government will be gladly accepting your application today.

However, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as our government has need of virtually every classification of nurse, technologist, specialist, or assistant. Any health professional looking outside the private sector and wanting to serve is encouraged to apply.

Fire Protection Engineer

Salary: 28,862.00 - 152,670.00 USD

The Under Secretary of the Navy or the Navy Field Offices will most likely be doing the hiring here. Although most engineering skills are needed domestically and sometimes worldwide, the position of Fire Protection Engineer seems to appear more frequently than others at the official website.

Management / Program Analyst / Officer (Acquisition)

Salary: 40,093.00 - 165,391.00 USD

Again, the Navy Field Offices will be the primary employer for those with experience in acquisitions or work as a program analyst. However, our government is in constant need of good office personnel and if you have any pertinent qualifications in management, you will want to check all the available opportunities for yourself.

Clinical Psychologist

Salary: 56,411.00 - 104,525.00 USD

Most of the psychologist positions are needed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Health Administration. Most listings indicate permanent full-time status. Part-time opportunities may not be available, so check the daily updated government job site for more information.

Business & Industry Group (Acquisition)

Salary: 40,093.00 - 166,114.00 USD

The primary employer of those with strong backgrounds and skills in business, industry, and procurement will be the Navy Field Offices. However, many other agencies are hiring as well for qualified applicants.

Auditor (Contract Audit)

Salary: 46,625.00 - 60,612.00 USD

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) offers the bulk of employment opportunities. Numerous positions exist right now, so qualified auditors are encouraged to apply. Also, there are several other finance related jobs that need to be filled as well. If you have any background in finance, you might want to take a closer look.

Soil Conservationist

Salary: 28,349.00 - 35,116.00 USD

Of course, the Department of Agriculture and the Natural Resources Conservation Service will most likely be who you'll be working for as a soil conservationist. Again, any U.S citizen with a solid background in agriculture should take a look at all of the opportunities available as they are numerous.

Food Service Worker

Salary: 12.79 - 14.91 USD /hour

The primary employer for food service workers will usually be the Defense Commissary Agency. Although there are dozens of domestic positions throughout the country, several international positions exist as well in Germany, Italy, and the UK to name just a few.

As you can see, federal job opportunities are still widely available at all skill levels for Americans wanting to work for the U.S. government. If you've ever considered doing government work, now may be the most ideal time for you to apply as the opportunities are still plentiful.

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