Losing Religion

Losing Religion
I think about the names Holy Roller and Bible Thumper from those so opposed to religion for what ever reasons, but I will be honest I am too. I am not a religious man myself but a man of God is how I view myself and my relationship with Him. Many run from God because of the beliefs of religion.In my opinion religious groups are conformed and judged by the very same people who practice it. Jesus did not come to establish religion but to establish relationship with God. I dont think he said also you have to take an eight week class learn some hymms and only than will you be saved..He did say that he did not come for the righteous but to save the sick, the ones in need of a physician.

Most churchs are filled with hypocrites and to call me one would only be scratching the surface, but humility before honor as I am a humbled man. I know from personal experience and through others that people run from Christ and maybe I would too if I were to walk into an church where everyone judged me just by appearance alone. The holier than though look, I am sure you have had that glance and maybe youre the one staring.Its to value relationship over ritual,mercy over sacrifice, and to value love before law.Religion complains and seems it despises freedom. Religion focuss' on the weekness of man and not the greatness of God.

For example of relationship above ritual a man walks into a church I attended for a while and he smells like alcohol, wearing slippers, and a tye died shirt. could you imagine the disgusting look people had on their face, like what is he doing here and the old people saying "well I never". You never what I think to myself, had a drink , wore slippers? Were you born perfect, and why do you judge this man,? Once again Christ came to heal the sick so is this man in not the right place?To top it off this man instead of running sat indian style on the floor.Uncomfortable it was for everyone I am sure, the looks , whispers,the coughs, and it took a few people to make him feel comfortable and we sat on the floor with him. Thats the greatness of God right there, bringing this person from where he was and the people inviting him with love.The weakness was everyone else whom judged him for his weekness.We should all see eachother as welcomed strangers.Just because someone doesnt look like you or act like you doesnt make you a better person.

Religion always critisizes from a far and is narrow minded. I feel God wants us to be opened minded and walk a narrow path.Far too often do religions add their own laws to the bible and along with free will thats what seperated man from God and allowed the devil to invade the church.lol Man made versions of His word by adding his own laws.I dont mean to offend your walk with God or your religion, but I think when priest are said to be infowlable is a lie from the start. Where in the bible does it say that? It doesnt! it says be fruitful and multiply, in order to look over my house you must be able to look over your own house. You closed the door to human touch,compassion, and the love that God wants us to have. Having an over aged virgin stand before a congregation seems unhealthy. Maybe thats why so many little boys are being touched at the Vadican and churchs accross the world.Just a thought. Slightly off topic the Virgin Mary. She gave birth to Christ yes, but where does it say worship her I dont get it.Even Jesus said to Mary and Joeseph when He ran off and they found Him He said why do you worry for me? dont you know I should be of my Fathers business.Not Joeseph or Marys business but Gods.So please stop worshipping every spilled bowl of tomato soup and greese stain on a wall.Its soup people, soup.

But these same religions tell you that you must look a certain way, act a certain way, some religions tell you that dark skin is evil,white skin is evil,I think even some say coffee is evil.This is evil, thats evil, your dress is to low its too high, no wonder why people run.It is not about how you should act. Ultimately rather you believe it or not thats totally your free will, but when it comes to my time God will not judge me for if I shaved or drank coffee. He will say I will not judge you for what you've done but rather what you do and what you have done with My son.I was born into catholic and am now just christian.Nothing more nothing less. I dont subject myself to the conformities and laws that religious groups have added to the bible. I take the bible literal not as folk tales to be used as a guide lines on how to live my life and among others.I just thought I would share my bible thumping experience from a different point of view where its ok to lose your religion, accept for Bad religion they get a sticker on my truck.. Just honor and love is the only law my God requires.Mercy over sacrifice,love above law,and relationship over ritual.

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You make this interesting statement that Yeshua did not come to establish a religion and you are correct but that is because there was one already established.
He worshiped in the faith and manner that G-d had already set up for His people - the Jewish faith.
He did not come to this earth to start a new religion but to be the Messiah for His chosen people and offer a gateway to salvation to all those who accepted the teachings He gave.
Religions (denominations) came into the mix when Constantine picked "christianity" as the "religion" of his kingdom and he incorporated sun god worship practices into the faith. He eliminated by decree all of the Holy Day observances that up until that time the followers were still involved in. Check into the Council of Nicea where all of these things were discussed and voted on such as the moving of worship from the Seventh day (Sabbath) to sunday worship.
Most people in churches today do not know from whence they evolved and how they came to believe and practice what they do today.
G-d wants His people (believers, followers) to be a source of comfort, strength, support, communion and love for each other and just as they had it set up in Acts we should be doing today. Most congregations have lost the purity of being taught by the Word, being corrected by the Word, being convicted by the Word, and being encouraged by the Word.
Thank you JoynMyHeart, I only wish I had seen these comments before. I do not disagree with feeding the sheep Im only saying don't lead them astray, because one lost sheep will scatter the whole heard. I believe to each there own but if religion says to worship false idols that you have already broken commandment. It is one house that requires us as a church to share as well and if your hearts good then your tongue is good. I know it takes more then just a Sunday visit in your sundays best clothing it requires everyday love and devotion as a marriage because a relationship without works is dead. No such thing as lukewarm, you're either hot or cold. I enjoyed reading your comment and agree , its the biassing restrictions of religion I don't agree, but as along as everyone is happy than live a God life first and the rest is all in love...Thank you again....Jesse
Even though you made a lot of good observations, I believe we are called to come together. Wether it is in a building or home or in someone's front yard. Yes there are lots of hypocrites, but remember what Jesus said... "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

We are all sinners. That doesn't stop when we start going to church. Wether we judge individuals or hypocritical church bodies, we are judging..

I see church as just one more place to witness the love of Christ by sharing my faith. Every Sunday I look for someone I don't know and ask them about their faith. I have printed my own tracts. (A list of bible verses about faith)... Example: Mat 8:5-13 The Centurion's Faith.

Church is just one more place to share faith and grow in faith. True, you need to ask, is this church teaching biblical truths or heracy? Then you need to decide if God is calling you to bring them back to the bible, or if it is time to move on.

Church is not something we do on Sunday. It is something we are called to do 24/7 wherever we are.

When I am not in church, I am at church. I set up a lawn chair in the front yard of my apartment on a busy street with an umbrella over my head. Then I spend the time reading my bible getting closer to God. Ready to share the bible with anyone who asks. This is my mission field. God put me here.

Jesus said "feed my sheep".. We are his sheep and church is where we learn and grow.
Then we go out into the world (including front yards) and share what God has opened our eyes to.

I learn something new almost every day. When we say no to sin and yes to God, he will show us things we never imagined on our own.

Here is the list of verses on faith I printed in the form of book marks...

1 Jhn 4:8-10 sent his son to pay for sins
John 1:14,16 Word was made flesh
Rom 5:8 yet sinners, Christ died for us
Rom 3:23,25 all sinned, payment for sin
2 Pet 3:9 that any should perish
1 Cor 15:3 Christ died for our sins
1 Jhn 1:9 If we confess our sins
1 Jhn 5:11 given us eternal life
Eph 2:8-9 by grace you are saved
Mat 8:5-13 Centurion's Faith
Rom 8:26 Spirit Intercedes
Rom 10:9-10 if you confess with your mouth
John 3:16 God gave his only son
Rev 3:20 I am the door. Anyone comes by me

God Bless
I think you have made many good points- my faith is against most of the same except people showing their bodies. (to create lust)

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