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6 Tips For Making Good Conversation On A Date

6 Tips For Making Good Conversation On A Date

Being able to make good conversation can make a date a success. Conversation is how you get to know one another and connect. You may be physically attracted to one another, which is good, but that will only take you so far. Here are six tips for making good conversation during a first date and beyond.

1. Be a good listener

Part of making good conversation is having the ability to listen to what your date is saying and ask questions about the topic rather than turning the conversation back to you. It's good to throw in your own experiences when you can, but don't dominate the entire conversation. It's easier to talk about yourself, but you want to show your interest in your date. You should leave your date feeling as though you learned more than you knew before.

2. Don't vent

A date is not the time to vent and complain about your life. You don't want to tell your date all the reasons your ex is an awful person. Remember to keep date conversation positive. You don't want your date to feel stressed out after talking to you and possibly not wanting to see you again. You can certainly talk about down points in your life if they come up naturally, but you don't want to come off as a person who spends their time venting.

3. Ask follow-up questions

If on a previous date your date mentioned running a marathon, trying out a new restaurant, or reading a book, ask to see how it went. This is a great way to show that you were listening and are interested. This is a very attractive quality in a date and a partner. If you ask about your date's job, don't end the conversation there. Ask how your date got into that career and what the most enjoyable part of it is. The same idea goes for asking about hobbies and other interests.

4. Avoid unfriendly debates

Debating about who is the better author or athlete is more lighthearted debate and perfectly fine during a date, but avoid debating religion and politics. These subjects are ones that could lead to ruining a date because one or both of you end up feeling angry or frustrated. When you don't see eye to eye on the big issues, things can become tense and you don't need that during a date.

5. Share a memory

Whether you're eating a meal that reminds you of something your mom used to make or you went to the school around the corner, it's nice to share a memory with your date. This shows that you are feeling comfortable enough to get a little more personal. This may also lead to your date sharing a personal memory as well. These little things might not seem significant and you might not think your date will care, but it shows you're willing to open up.

6. Let your date know you're having a good time

It's common for people to say they've had a good time at the end of the date, if it's said at all, but if you let your date know you're having a good time in the middle of the date you will put their mind at ease and conversation may flow even better than it had been before. There's no reason to put off telling your date that you're having a good time until the end of the date.

Conversation can make or break a date. By following the above tips you can make good conversation, which will lead to more dates as well as increasing your chances of a good relationship.

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