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How about Chinese tonight, you foxie hottie?

Now, THERE,THAT's how to talk to your GF. On closer analysis, it has it all. An invite out to tasty food. Compliments on her beauty, and the hint of passion after the meal. But I digress.
There's much talk about businesses failing with C-19. In the USA, restaurants are one of the top businesses, and they, as a group, seem to be in for the greatest percentage of business failures. So, as statistical outliers always attract the epididymis' eye of Vierk, let's rant away.
For starters, why would anyone want to be a restaurateur? Well, there are a few types. The saddest cases are those who are basically romantic (sometimes chefs) social foodies, who love to bask in the life of cavorting with customers, and banging the staff/customers. Recently I heard one such lady from NYC brag about "having in the artsy, leftie, moneyed wannabe bohemian types, foodie cruising in various regalia, among their ilk, less for the food, than for being fully in the scene". This particular lady was newly bankrupt, and now in nursing school. She said that few of these sort succeed, typically lacking a lick of business sense. They see themselves as artistes, and as such, only a tiny minority make it big. Sugar mommys/daddys sometimes are behind the exceptions.
The business types, though, can succeed, in various ways. Rarely on their own, most either form, or buy into, profitable franchise operations---yes the "eatery chains". Volume purchasing, advertising, and management approaches seem to do it. Profits can be very good, from margins often multiples of those in the "on their own" artiste operations.
I am wondering, with rents and staff forming so much of the costs of operating, why we aren't seeing more home based purveyors of take out food, or even of "live upstairs, guests seated downstairs" places, as I saw in Lisbon, and in much of the developing world. By analogy with Air B-n-B, perhaps in some form.
My own take on this topic is less eating out. After all, a little getting to know the food workers, and their work environment, can easily make anyone less sanguine about the restaurant scene. And it's more than sociopathic spitting on a dish, as of a poor worker somehow "getting back at the rich". On your way to the restaurant bathroom, psuedo mistakingly saunter into the kitchen, as I did in NYC, where I used to visit mostly for the food, and with raer exceptions, the lack of hygiene will shock you. Not to mention the conditions in the John. Graduate studies in entomology was frosting on the cake, as it were.
In fact, most of the tiny margin, artiste like establishments probably were close to failing BEFORE C-19. It's capitalism at work. The failures will force overpricing landlords to lower rents, and so on. And I'm becoming a much better cook at home.

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