Disappearing profiles

Disappearing profiles,
What on earth is wrong?
Is it me?
Im not psycho I dont stalk, I dont get over nosy and ask improper things.
I talk for a bit and things seem to go very well and then *poof* profile gone or hidden?
Im starting to get a complex.
Look.... i just want to meet a nice man,start as friends go from there.If you dont flippen like me, tell me its not a match but you dont have to disappear. I invest my time as well to get to know you. I DO have a life, and this just hurts.

Sorry , i had to vent.
Im feeling frustrated.

Thanks for any advice........
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I don't have any advice. Just know that you're not alone. For me, the profile doesn't disappear, they do! moping blues confused dunno
Thanks Texasgirl......its helps knowing Im not alone.
Dear Cheriboo. .
Be patient , u have taken a very good start of trying to be friends.
So,dont let these awful people get to u.
Just take a deepbreath,be calm like nothing happened, heads up, smile, and start again.
Good luck Cherry
Good that you chose to vent it out. Yes, I agree it happens. But then that's how most poeple on CS are. Quite ironic though, but this is the reality.

But.....it doesn't mean at all that there is perhaps something wrong with you. It's actually the fake people who disappear when they fear their real self would be revealved. So you should be proud of yourself that your genuineness forces the fake people to disappear. This is a gift you have. So rest assured they won't be able to take advantage of you.

If they disappeared, they weren't the ones meant for you. So it worked for your betterment eventually. What if the same wrong ones stayed for you and didn't disappear, I'd say it would be a rather worse situation.

So relax, enjoy and be positive. There are some real good people here as well.
Wow,some very good points. Thank you so much. Its true I need to relax,brush it off. And its also true that who ever they were, was all lies and now they are gone ,and I am better to be rid of the fake. But it hurts all the same.
At least they will write to you. I can't anyone to even acknowledge that I wrote to them. I guess courtesy is a thing of the past. But in response to you.....it's their loss.
maybe your just chatting with the wrongs one to begin with...but there are also shallow people here on CS
I'm sure you will have one that won't disappear. Just keep going.
Luck escape for you love. Don't sweat it. They can't handle genuine folk ^_^ wave

I was just reading about disappearing profiles yesterday in the Scam warning section. I can't recall all it says now. But if you click on the link at the top of this page where it says scam warnings you'll see their explanation for why some... not all of the profiles you're missing may have gone. Others, if they were legitimate ones... well, i'm assuming those people found what they were looking for and just left this site on their own. I know i wouldn't be sticking around still looking for more if i'd found just one woman that would be my perfect match. Might be a good reason for some of those dissappearing ads anyways.. maybe the guys you were talking with finally decided to choose just one.

The rest of what you said.. well.. some people are just rude and inconsiterate. That's human nature i guess. They ignore people they don't feel like getting to know. Or they ignore people they find out something they don't like about.. and they're just too inconsiderate to be honest and tell them so.

Other than that.. you might consider that they only have so much time to respond to every single message they get. I have only been here about a week and i've gotten over ten pages of messages from women in my mailbox. Alot of them i talk with once and that's it. I just say that what they are looking for and what i'm looking for aren't the same thing. And even the ones where i do have an interest in finding out more about them.. well, it's the time thing. Sometimes it takes me a day or two to write back. And sometimes messages get buried before i get to them to respond. I have a habit of reading in the morning.. then responding later in the day when i have the time to write longer notes. I don't always have the time for responding at the same time i read. Does that make any sense to anyone? Anyways.. just saying some reasons may be legitimate for someone to not respond back right when you think they should. And you may want to remind them again. If they are ignoring you.. well, you should just forget about them anyways. They don't sound like very nice people to me. Unless you are looking for not nice people. Cause there are plenty out there.

I know how you feel violated too.. i don't know what to say about that. Not so much that you wasted your time as you wasted your heart and your feelings on someone that was lying all along. Bout my only advice is to just be aware that it might happen in the future.. and be more selective about who you share what your thoughts, dreams, goals and ambitions with. Perhaps take it a little slower and get to know each other better before you open up all the way. I hope that helps ya. I'm not one to talk though.. i don't care if i spill my heart out to someone and they dissappear. To me i would rather take a chance sometimes and get hurt than not even try.

Wow gurl i'm so sorry thts horrible =( Well yea i bet it does hurt when guys do mean or hurtful stupid things..but think of it this way that's just a early sign that They weren't worth your important time and thank goodness they didnt waste anymore of it! You seem sweet and caring and remind me of me a little bit haha =) Well Keep moving forward honneh! If they poof then let em! There r way 2 many hottys n nice guys on here 4 u 2 get all sad n depressed about a few idiot ones =) good luck hon! need 2 chat as buds ever? Lemme kno jus add me or watevz =)

i have the answer

they are david copperfeild impersonators .

abduted by aliens ?

the bermuda triangle .

all of the above ?

i understand a even a goodbye @$$hole would be nice from time to time .
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