Kyle Rittenhouse Asked To Step Outside And Defend The Courthouse While Verdict Is Being Read

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KENOSHA, WI—Moments before reading the verdict, the twelve jurors in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse asked if the defendant would please step outside and defend the courthouse.

“We, the jury will perform our constitutional duty and declare the verdict in this case,” said one sweating juror, “But we, the jury also don’t want to die.”

“Objection, your honor, Rittenhouse does not possess an AR-15 to defend the courthouse; I have the AR-15,” said the prosecutor, swinging the weapon wildly about as onlookers nervously ducked behind benches. “Besides, protestors are heroes, people of upstanding character, and victims.”

Judge Schroeder ruled the prosecutor a doofus and allowed Rittenhouse to disarm the blubbering liar, load his weapon, and position himself defensively on the steps of the courthouse while the verdict was read.

Witnesses claim even the prosecution team was relieved to know Kyle Rittenhouse was out there protecting them.

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Luvvin' on The Bee ... smitten

Ee-yup - Friday Of Color may come Early for the Grief Shoppers this year ... santa waving

For Full Analysis tonight turn on Hannity
rolling on the floor laughing

Not a bad idea... thumbs up
lol , could be white Wednesday , if Rittenhouse pulled out the right numbers from the hat , bit of a lottery , all over bar the shouting as they say .
@ epirb … What was that hat n paper thing about.
Jury selection , there were 18 selected to sit in case a few had to leave for any reason , at the end of the trial he chose a dozen from a hat .
Thanks epirb
"Jury selection , there were 18 selected to sit in case a few had to leave for any reason , at the end of the trial he chose a dozen from a hat ."

It wasn't a hat. It was a tumbler much like those used for the lottery only a small scale tumbler. This has never been seen before that a defendant chooses the very jurors who might find him guilty or innocent. The usual way to do this is the judge or the clerk picks the numbers out of the tumbler.
Picking a name out of a hat is a term used to describe what was done . Hat bucket jar tin tumbler all the same . Can't see why a spinning dart board was not used , after all the case has the feel of a carnival about it .
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