Online Dating Safety Tips

Do not talk/chat to strangers.
Profile accounts
1. No photos(creepy).
2. Only have avatars.
3. Photo that looks like celebs.
But only one. Probably cat fished.
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CIDG-CIS Oath Taking Ceremony 2012
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Me w/ CIDG Big Brother

Why conceal a face? Criminal offense:
Scams, date rape, abduction , cyber bullying(l Amanda Todd, R.I.P)& murder because they meet someone online. Without caution on their dubious profiles. Facial recognition scans in smartphones is just 75% accurate.

Avoid members who quickly asked for your WhatsApp, Gmail, Skype. Sexting & sextortion is their game.
Free airfare & accomodations invites are too good to be true. It's Pandora's box for human trafficking & illegal organ harvesting. Take care & stay safe everyone heart wings
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These websites aren't what they use to be. There are alot of predators everywhere and many of them have no problem with active chaos om a daily basis. The time for having morals and principles has expired. We are now dealing with all out psychos regardless of age. Even many of those following religion have changed the religion from what it was 30 years ago and turned it into something that supports how they act negatively. Instead of people following their own paths of life's lessons they have embraced the societal mind complex. They embrace what goes on in society and despite seeking to change the wrongs, they feel that by joining the chaos it protects them from being victims. It will only get worse. Eventually they will burn themselves out in one way or another. We just have to protect ourselves from them until they do so.
Yes I agree with you. As a filipino advocate of safer internet day
a cyber volunteer cop(CIDG-CiS, PNP). Spreading information about cyber safety is a must.
My mind can't still get over the real horror I witnessed online & offline.
Child pornography sites with cyber sex dens last 2013 in the Netherlands.
Kids (6y.o. to 13y.o)from all races are there as fresh meat for hungry s*xual predators.
Young bodies being dumped in garbage sites in Tenement, Taguig.
Missing vital organs from illegal organ harvesting syndicates .
I hold the 5th amendment on the actions I did during those times.
Lesser evil for the greater good. heart beating
Well presented piece of blog. I like it.

thumbs up
and how do u know all this info u been there?
Thank you.
DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS ...Hello every one is a stranger until you meet them ,,,,,,
HI! A stranger is JANE DOE OR JOHN DOE with a fictional & questionable profile. If all net users have COMMON SENSE. Why are there so many love scams, phising & blackmail complainants in FBI, NBI & PNP cybercrime division. It's up to you . If you want to be duped or not. I am only doing my duty of disseminating cyber safety information because I am in the proper authority.
Could you also come up with some positive discrimination guidelines?
(Beyond missing all of the no-go / withdraw tips in your blog)
Don't talk to strangers doesn't leave us with many options. Or any options really. Everybody is a stranger and as strange a stranger that a stranger has ever been. At no point in human history has it been possible to know someone less than we do today.

Anyway I can assure you that I have benign reasons for my lack of profile picture. I have a girlfriend and we are in a monogamous relationship. And also because of fascism. Nobody likes anybody anymore, everybody is suspicious, China taking over the world I reckon this industrial revolution we are living through can only ever be a crime against humanity. It'll be that we hate our fellow man so much that we support the authorities no matter how abusive and incompetent they are.
Don't talk to strangers is advice made for little children not proper grown ups. So who is the proper grown up? Big daddy government? I detest this infantilised assault on freedom of association and the emerging snitch culture which is exactly how Nazi Germany got started.
Even that you're a woman doesn't excuse being this infantilised. In cyberspace women qualify as a proper grown up because you're equal to men when there's nothing physical involved. There's no reason to avoid people like you were 6 and everyone you've ever known was at one time a stranger. You've gotta give people the benefit of the doubt not to the point of meeting up with them in a poorly lit area but I don't know how the world would work without two strangers becoming friends.
Those are basic cyber safety guidelines given out by police(Crime Investigation Detection Unit, Philippine National Police). . In a workshop I participated. As a member of CIS( CIDG-CIS). Thank you .heart beating
I like it that you are a careful, observant and cautious lady, BUT between all those actions there is a thin line called paranoid. CS is not the only dating site on the internet and it's your own choice if you decide to chat with someone on whatsapp or wherever. Use common sense yes but once you become paranoid who will rescue you in your locked room, a stranger? Don't let fear rule your life. Remember a stranger is just a friend you do not know.
I will agree with you if you have a Phd. in psychology. But you are not in the proper authority. My goal is to let online users know about cyber safety. I respect free will. Amanda Todd died because she is not aware of cyber safety. CS lifeblood is advertisement . If there are lots of scammers here. Advertising profit will be down. No need to rescue me.You cannot offer what you do not have. I am a licensed reiki master & trained to do psychic defense. FB Regina Cieli Estrada Axismongol. Intuitive, specialty quantum jump, distant punch, distant slap, ball crush, neuron bursting. At your service. On the house for police & military force. heart beating
It's safe to talk in blogs and forums inside connectingsingles.

You can easily put your thoughts here.
Not necessarily so. Hackers know how to get your IP address. If you tick them off, make them angry, embarrass them, you might find them at your door.

I've been on CS a very long time and I've seen people so angry I'm surprised my computer wasn't spitting fire.
Oh, I didn't even think about that.
Then online dating is not safe at all.
I understand your concern and I myself agree that we must be careful and cautious while visiting online .. conversing

But I am lill confused..

I mean , if someone is online to find their potential match Yet Not Willing to Talk or Chat with Any Strangers at all ,
How would they find their potential match online in the first place !!
I mean , do they expect that their potential match should contact them through Telepathy only !! confused

What is the solution for safe online dating:!! dunno
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