It’s time to go home

Well, I consider Omaha home now but I’ve been pining to go back to Malaysia for awhile now. Wanted to fly back late last year/earlier this year but there were too many restrictions still and I abandoned the idea until a month ago when Art just booked a ticket for me to fly back to Malaysia end of this year! cheering

I’d be visiting on my own without Art. We both feel it’s best I go alone coz by then, I haven’t been back for more 3 years and I would’ve a lot of things to catch up with family and friends and so many food to binge and gorge grin

A couple of days ago, I saw on my FB Malaysia Quarantine support group that the Malaysia Health Ministry have decided to do away with the cumbersome ’Traveller Card’ applause and now all I gotta do before I embark on my flight is to just fill up my vaccination details on that one app. Such a far cry from early this year! applause

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My daughter already been making plans to take time off from her work so that we can spend a little bit of time together. smitten My girlfriends will make sure their calendar is cleared when I go back to my hometown, they better be! scold laugh

My ex-husband’s aunts and cousins already invited me to their house to stay and promised to cook for me the whole time I’m there! smitten I’ve even placed the menu! laugh

December cannot come any sooner….

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It’s a good thing the world is slowly opening up now. People can be reunited and for those who have been wanting to meet their long-distance relationship ‘love’, this is the time! What are you waiting for?!?! heart beating

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