Finding You

Your hand brushes softly against mine
and my body tremble's
Your words speak to me
and I stutter in response
Your lips looks so delicately soft
I want to hide my childish face
Never so much have I needed anything
And now I feel like I can't live without you
My heart stops in the moment of this realization
My dreams are no longer mine
and love I never thought I had
surpasses everything else
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That is what love is heart beating , I couldn't have said it any better myself ,

As I read this I hope someday I can have that same feeling for my soul mate someday when I do find her kiss
singleman4you, took the word out of my mouth...;-)
I just hope its not in the retirement village...;-)))))
Carobnjak3....nothing like love in the retirement village to keep you on your in the twilight'll be in heaven way before your body gives way...laugh
I must let you know that I am strongly suspecting that this poem was dedicated to me.

lol ..


Don't worry !! Nobody gives a shitt about you !!!!!

Kudos for Christina !!

I saw in you profile that you are looking for you are a lesbian !! HHmmmm !!! Lesbiands and bisexual women are a real turn on !! We want to see more of them on this website !!!

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what is "P..PPP...PPPRRR...RRRHHHH !!!" ???

proof of your insanity or you farting?

chritiana, please don't talk about our love life in public like this, thats not my hand brushing against you, hey who else is in here, forgive me, its been one b*tch of a day ('rolling on the floor laughing');

There is no love wich pierces the heart
like the love of a woman.
Oh the blessed curse of love,
both serpent, and heavenly dove.
I have loved, and never felt love in return,
And this sweet form, is for what I most yearn.
Oh heart, deceptive heart, why must you taunt,
while for others, her gifts does she flaunt.
Where is the start for which I desire,
To hold the hand for which my heart does fire.
Yet she fears the reason I yet live,
because his forgivness did he give.
How shall I ever be loved by her now
Oh please dear Savior,
work this out some how.
I need you now, I dont want to be alone
Grace me again, with the favor you have shown.
And from her love, I shall see.
How to love you more, as you love me.
I am lost, in my own mind,
for her sweet pitty is always so kind.
At this moment, She fears me more
Only my love do I have in store.
Please teach me to gain her hand,
and for this sweet thing to fight, and stand.
For if you grant me this precious glee.
I do promise I will never flee.
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