What is your definition of attractive?

There is no standard measure of just what constitutes beauty. what is your personal definition of what is attractive to you?
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Im quite happy cruising the middle ground.

Intellegent and humerous, discreet and dark hair/ tanned/olive skin does it for me. Not ugly enough to make babies cry and pets hide under furniture and cause your parents to bring the rifle out from under the bed just in case aliens had landed or the yeti was loose and not so beautiful/handsome that leaving the house calls for body guards and traffic control, and unbearable lovestruck idiots yowling undying love under your window sill at 3am.
beauty, in its softer forms, a gentle smile, lovely eyes, loyalty above all else, the kind of girl if your life was in ruins, she would put her arms around you, cuddle you, and freeze to death in the snow with you, shes beautiful, more than words can say.
I am attracted to a very pretty face, flat chested...and of course strutting a pair of thunder thighs. If you know anyone of such description, please let me know.
Just so hard to please arent we ...
long legs
broad shouldered
wide lips
defined jaw bones
nice voice
& the other important assets

this is the core. the rest is all for shallow people to look for. like nice personality and well read and well travelled and shit like that
Actually there is a standard measure of just what constitutes beauty professor
If she looks good, feels good, smells good, tastes good and hears good.....

I'm kinda attracted.beer
have you been carrying on with my girlfriend, billy, how come you know so much about her.('rolling on the floor laughing');

For me, it depends on the woman.

It could be looks, or personality.

Like the song says...

"Everybody's beautiful, in their own way."

For me. A definite attraction is a woman in her blue jeans.
And the way she stand by me to overcome life's adversity. wine
Anon, you are always writing such sweet heartfelt comments. How is your friend, the one who was in the hospital?

Do you know why I like to call you Anon? It means, in old english, Into One. wave
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