YOUR favorite and worst dream?

So everyone has had a ngihtmare that they will never forget. Something that has scared the fudge out of them. I guess one of mine was I was with my friend we were at these guys apartments and they ended up stabbing us 20 plus times, and I could feel every stab. It was horrible. Not my worst but most painful dream.
Then my favorite would have to be... hmm shit I only remember the bad dreams hahah OH WAIT!!!! ok so I was a sexy model, and had a lot of money hahahah pathetic I know. SO WHAT'S YOURS PEOPLE!!!
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For the most part I have lucid dreams, needless to say what I choose to dream about daydream
Well that's no fun!!!! I want some cool dreams to read about!!! c'mon people be real with this. It's fun
Who is your freind in the picture. The one with the white bra. I think she's hot. If a relationship was to ensue, is she available to join?

I dreamt that.
lmao. I couldnt tell ya cause i dnt even know what u look like. it was a shirt by the way. wave
plus you could be her father with how old you are. so ima have to say no for her.
I will interpret that as a maybe.

Please inform her, the age difference is of no concern to me.
why is that? wouldn't you want someone of your age, and of your knowledge? Wouldn't you want to connect with someone on your level????confused I mean 30 and 40 not a big deal. 40 and 50 not a big deal. But 40 and 20. very big diffference!!!!!! too big. 2 years ago it would have been illegal for you to go for her.. would you still have wanted her?
i guess 3 years. lol

Hey, it's supposed to be "my" dream.

That reminds me of a dream I could control. Ever have one of those. I remember having a dream where my body was flying in the air, headed for the ground, and then I realized I could control myself, my flight.
Ok Ok.. I wont judge because of your "dream"scold BUT!!! not really. I have parts of certain dreams I can control. I remember one dream I was in a hospital because me and my mother got in a bad accident. The nurses and doctors were trying to kill me. They were devils, so I just prayed until they went away. it was one of my weirdest dreams ever!!!!! angel
In my books, 20 years is the minimum difference. It’s not about being on the same mental level, it is about avoiding sagging body. And even then, 90 year old man in front of 70 year old woman looks like her son.
I just hate that, when those devilsdevil come after me!

Just don't tell too many people about them.scold
I like that about you ct. You always get right to the point.
But atleast tell me this one.. How many young beautiful girls are going to go for an older guy for love? not a lot. If they do its mainly because they have money or can get something very useful to them. Why would you want to be used?
devils suck!!!`
Thank you Mike, I have had enough of this legal age crap. If you are 18 and screwing a man, then the man can be anywhere between 18-100.
CT, maybe where you live the 90 year old men look younger than the 70 year old women, but it isn't like that here. I didn't go to my high school reunion this year, but I saw some pictures of those folks and it looked like the women were in much better shape than the men. Of course, I looked at those pictures and thought, "there's no way I look that old"rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I wonder if I am delusional....crazy can anyone tell me why a dancing cloud accurately represents "crazy"? just curious...
lmao i got pretty drawn to the marshmellow dude. Last time I saw a 90 year old dude, he looked like he was dead. My grandmother looks sooooo much younger then that dude. She doesnt look like shes dead or even dying at that.
Nobody is getting used daring. Spending money is part and parcel of keeping a relationship. And I believe it’s mostly a man’s responsibility. Same age marriages never work. As you get older , you will know better. I can never imagine waking up next to a 60 year old woman even when I am 70-80… not in this life time. There is something creepy about waking up next to a woman over 30.
And btw, just because it is allowed doesn't mean its right.
So your telling me if a young beautiful girl is drawn to you just for your money, you think thats right? she will probabaly end up marrying u and then taking everything from u. and marriges don't work all age groups. it has nothing to do with being the same age. maybe for men going through mid life crisis.
I make Miss Venus the only exception as she’s driving a truck full of beer going uphill towards my cabin. laugh
It's funny, because, I can't picture myself with someone younger than me. I have met very few men who have much maturity (emotionally) and the younger they are, the less mature they seem to be. That is just my perception and may be erroneous at best. That being said, I think I am and will be one hot older woman!!grin
You are completely right Venus!!!!!
You wanna know something pretty gay? The blog is about a dream and only one person has talked about a dream loldoh
Miss V is almost always right.

How about nocturnal emission? Can it be talked about on your blog?
Another blog hijacked! Sorry Blue! I remember many of my dreams but none seem particularly interesting to share. I do wake up sometimes laughing or crying or o*gasm weirduh oh
I used to have dreams where I was in an elevator and floating to the ceiling. That was telling. It seemed to be symbolic of my wish for freedom but that I still held myself in a box. I haven't had that dream in awhile
lmfao if you really want to hahahha
laugh Again?!
BlueAlize, I'm sorry for your losses to a point, but you gain something else in return over here as well. Whether you take the advice or not, every one has their own philosophy. All the best! cheers
Well thats good. So maybe you feel free then? I use to have this dream that my whole family was in a cave someone came in and killed everyone but me. I still dont know what that dream meant but I had it a good 15 or more times.
I have a very cherished dream that was associated with a nocturnal emission. Some days, memories are all we have. I changed my mind, I will not share this one.
That is very tru Yan. that's why I like blogging on here. You never know what comes. and I like hearing how people view things.
hahahhahahhahah I guess it would be one of your best haha whats your worst?
Miss V, waking up orgasiming? Sounds like s*xual tension needing to be releasedprofessor
Wow, you're so smart, how'd you know my name is Yan love
The worst dream I have had is in the dream I felt like I was going to die out of breath, or I was chased by spooks...and the best dream is I could fly at will but a few times when I was flying too high uncontrolledly, I got scared by looking down the ground. hole
hahah ive had that dream (flying)before! almost same as yours after i started flying, i was uncontollably flying places I didn't know where I was and didnt know how to get home so I got scared lol.
I try not to analyze dreams too much. I don't want to unnecessarily scare myself. I tend to just categorize them as nonsense to be ignored.

I was wondering though, about going to a confessional and asking the priest if a grown man goes without an o*gasm long enough, will he eventually have a wet dream. Maybe I'll try to google it later. It's got me curious again.
That's what I thought too, Mike.laugh laugh
And what about the dream when you thought your bunny humped you? Share that one too.

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